The Gypsy (Pt7) His Books

Hodder and Stoughton ‘non fiction’ author ‘Mikey Walsh’ taunting his victim

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

-Arthur Schopenhauer

 Time had passed and our relationship was so dead and buried that it wasn’t even pushing up daisies; it was ancient, arid history. I had forgotten about my chat with ‘Harry’, where he had informed me of the Gypsy Boy film with such condemning sanctimony. I had expected to see something in the media much sooner but it was silent long enough to fade to memory. As social media grew, I reconnected with everyone that had ever been a part of my life, the good and the bad. We were all older and a little wiser. All forgiven, forgotten and rekindled, in a blend of avatars, images, mutual friends and distant but familiar names. Occasionally, as is only natural, I had looked for the Gypsy but couldn’t have waded through as many of his namesakes as there were. What became of him? Did he stay on the run? Did he go back home to the traveling community and give up on the dream of his story? Was he reconciled with his family? I had no idea and I couldn’t even hazard a guess.

Absent minded one day whilst surfing the net, looking at information about a traveling girl I knew and had seen on the television, I unwittingly uncovered a trail of information that lead to the actual publication of the Gypsy’s memoirs. He seemed to operate under a pseudonym, taken from a character in one of his favorite 1980s movies. There were no images of him online but I was sure that it was him, my ex-boyfriend, my first love, The Gypsy. I didn’t know what to expect at all but I knew that it concentrated on his early life as a gypsy boy. He had done it. All that had gone to pass between us was because of the pathological priority that he had placed on his story and the coldness with which he treated me because of it. All the details I have written about in the previous parts of this blog, they all lead here, to his story. I didn’t want to publish an article in one part. I wanted the facts to breathe and to document exactly what happened from the moment we met, to the moment we parted and how I coped and adjusted to life without him.

I ordered to read, the bookAt this point I was very naive about this work. Unaware of the length he would go to in stripping back the truth, and I was totally unaware, of the utter travesty he had created. I had to remain objective, I didn’t know if he still hated me the way he seemed to last we seen one another, or if he had developed a level of maturity and didn’t hold a grudge at all. I had no way of knowing how he felt but one thing was for certain, he had grown up, achieved his dream and I was quite thrilled about it either way.

The story had almost changed beyond recognition. Family members and neighboring travelers were brought to life with such flair that they were actually an admixture of fictional imaginings and stolen elements, taken from other people. Other people’s anecdotes too, were not safe, (my own) having been harvested and used as his own. For somebody that had never read a book, who was so frustrated with their limited ability to read, or to write. It was a questionable but impressive and outstanding achievement. Whether he actually wrote the book or it was ghost written for him (which it was) is irrelevant to me, because his imagination leaps from its pages. It was indeed ‘His Story’ and it had grown, evolved and blossomed into being as he had always dreamed it would.

“Magpie. A bird whose thievish disposition, suggested to someone, that it might be taught to talk.”

– Ambrose Bierce

Mark Stevens AKA Mikey Walsh

From day one his story was all that mattered to him and I was now holding in my hands, over a decade later, the end result of all I had gone through with him. There is no denying to get his story ‘out there’ as he had always wished for, was truly remarkable but as I will outline in this final and personal account of the man behind the pseudonym, he misrepresented his own kind with grotesque caricatures and exaggerated truth to the point of pure fiction, whilst taking critically acclaimed credit from behind a curtain, as a non-fictional, inspiring and brave writer. An apt nod to his favorite movie of all time, where it is later discovered that the Wizard is a humbug, a charlatan, and a fraud, who tricks people into worshiping his alter ego and pseudonym, The Wizard of Oz.

“A charlatan makes obscure what is clear; a thinker makes clear what is obscure.”

— Hugh Kingsmill

Even though he commandeered my life all that time ago, to use me the way that he did, I held no grudge and whilst reading the book, he had been hauled so vividly back into my mind and my life, that I found him on Twitter to tell him that it was incredible. That I had to ‘take my hat off’ to him. I did feel that I needed to apologize to him. I had always desired ‘closure’. I didn’t handle the pressures he put me under very well at all. I was too young. Had Harry given him my message as outlined in PART6?

Now I could ask him and perhaps he would say something to finally give a little respect to our past. Such as ‘don’t worry about it, we were so young.’ He couldn’t still be that difficult, self-obsessed character, collecting He-Man figures and obsessed with 1980s movies and television. He was a grown, successful and mature author. Perhaps he had finally exercised his demons in this book and become a man? If I could have long forgiven his lack of compassion and his manipulative, cold use of my open affections, then surely there would be no grudge held against me on his part. If there was it would be illegitimate and petty.

Over on Twitter, he robotically blessed and thanked me before realizing it was me, then he blocked me, deleted his posts and remained mute. Oh dear, awkward and mildly embarrassing. I didn’t want to think too deeply about that, so he doesn’t want to talk, that could be for a myriad of reasons and that was entirely up to him. I presumed that he would have been in a place, mentally, that was strong enough to acknowledge me and let bygones be. I thought like this because I didn’t know enough about the man he had become at this point and his story had been furnished with a suitably convenient ending, which implied that he was on sound foundations.

According to the book, in kitsch unsophistication, he had entered into a civil partnership and ‘married’ wearing Ruby Converse trainers. Alluding of course, to Dorothy and her famous ruby slippers. He was now a successful author, happily married and (rather bizarrely) working as a teaching assistant in London but the more I looked into him, the more I learned that was contrary to this. His Tweets were definitely not that of a married man and most certainly not an employed man. I wasn’t sure what was going on but I learned that there was a second book on the way out and it would pick up where he last left off, just before he had met me – when he was a gypsy boy on the run from his family. Perhaps this was why he wouldn’t speak to me? Because he knew a book was on the way out which would document his time with me.

The second book arrived. It sat on my dining room table for some time. There was no precedent. How does one read a book such as this? Do I take it away, somewhere neutral and read it there? Or do I allow it to permeate the fabric of my home, my bricks and mortar, letting it seep into the life I have made for myself? Would I turn scarlet and my face burn with acute embarrassment as he recounted our time together, perhaps in graphic detail? The chair I always read in, would it be tarnished? What would he have written, would there be any trace of fondness and objective humor in relation to our disastrous relationship and would he admit to using me and detail how he yearned to say goodbye in secrecy?

ABOVE: Mark Stevens AKA Mikey Walsh with me, Baron von “Frankenstein”.

I remembered the exaggerated prose and almost poetic verse used in his first book and I wondered. Here he would be talking about me and about things that I was there to witness, people that I knew very well, the home that we shared and the life that we lived. This would be my yardstick and I would then be qualified to scrutinize his work and see exactly how far he was willing to push the truth. What I wasn’t expecting was the total lack of integrity, honesty, and principle. My respect for his achievement and my humbleness at his success evaporated with each turn of the page, leaving throughout the work, nothing but a distasteful conceit. What I know about publishing could be written on the head of a pin but as a consumer of books, I’m pretty sure that there is an unspoken trust between author and reader. That in a non-fiction book, the author will depict, relay and portray events, people and noteworthy occurrence, as best and as close to the truth as is possible to the author’s recollection. The protagonist of fictional work does not stay with the reader, move and inspire the reader in the way in which a protagonist that is believed to be real, would move and inspire. Through compassion, understanding, an affinity, and feeling of being on the same wavelength, the reader invests time, empathy and interest beyond that of a fictional work and develops a deep connection to the author. If the story is not truthful and plays out with the author’s whimsy, at his convenience, and with dark inconsistencies, then they have been fooled by an unethical, unprincipled abuse of that trust.

It is abhorrent to contemplate that this is common practice within the publishing world but make no mistake about it, the gypsy’s books have been written with means intended to deceive. What he has written is not in accordance with fact or reality. Influenced less by literature and more by trash culture, the author takes the reader on an incredibly absurd, far-fetched, and implausible journey of self-discovery and ‘coming of age’. He takes the reader through every gay cliché and blatant allegory, often alluding directly to prominent films in popular culture. He emulates and hints at camp and instantly emotive films and television as if they were his very own to mirror. The accurate, genuine, precise, real and right are all abandoned here in this work. The truth is void, perverted or ignored.

“That’s not a lie, it’s a terminological inexactitude. Also, a tactical misrepresentation.”

Alexander Haig

It would be exhaustive to look at all that has been written across both of his books, so before I move onto his family and what he has done to them, I will look briefly at parts of what he wrote about me personally and my relationship with him. I was of course, aware that he couldn’t name me and would need to make his characters ambiguous enough that lawyers could not be called in, so I was not too concerned with how he portrayed my character and more concerned with how he portrayed events. It speaks volumes of his own character, mettle and nature that he chose to depict me in his book as an ugly 6’3” ‘Lurch’ type creature that his friends had nicknamed, (Baron von) ‘Frankenstein’, with hands as large as dinner plates who was a self-obsessed maniac, clinically insane, certifiably mad and even had an evil laugh thrown in for good measure. What a keeper.

ABOVE: As I was back then. Baron Von Frankenstein, or his true inspiration?

He writes that he was a “love-struck rebounding fool” that fell into a relationship with me. I don’t see how this could be the case, as you cannot be love-struck by the person you fall into a rebound relationship with. In contrast to what was written, exactly how I met him (through Harry) and how our relationship started, is explained in PART1.

He goes on to write that the flat I had secured for us to live in was dirt cheap. Where the landlady had a passion for doing her own bad decorating and it was covered in Artex. It was odd to read that he thought it a fixer-upper and that he gladly took on the job. Odd because that is a line from Poison Ivy in one of his adored Batman films, which he watched in that flat all of the time and odd because it was quite the reverse – as documented in PART2

According to his writing, it wasn’t long before he realized that I was certifiably mad. He wrote that I spent hours poking myself in the mirror as he watched television. The photograph below shows, the television was right in front of the dressing table, where I cleansed toned and moisturized and in fact it was I that educated this gypsy boy in that ritual. How utterly bitter of him to write in that way. This comes across to those that know the reality, as such spitefulness and virulence. Oh, how he must have resented me, yet shielded it so well that I was totally unaware.

ABOVE: Where I would spend hours at a time standing, prodding at myself in the mirror as he watched television.

He went on to write that one morning I walked into the kitchen, sat down at the table very calmly told him that I had discovered “for a fact that neither me nor anyone else around him was real and that we were all just a figment of his imagination” and he expressed how he nearly “choked on his cornflakes”. Asking where did that leave him?

In unadulterated ignorance, that’s where. The thing about this paragraph that shocked me, is not that he wrote that he was ever civilized enough to sit at a breakfast table but that he had held onto and remembered something I had said to him that demonstrated his inexperience in such a breath-taking manner. I was simply quoting the late Bill Hicks who had said, in a then-recent stand-up routine, that “all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.”

This was perfectly normal, healthy teenage development and to look at the philosophical and metaphysical, to seek knowledge and understanding of the world around them, individually and collectively, is what all teenagers should be doing. Yes, I don’t doubt I did come out with bizarre theories, imaginings and questions that didn’t make any sense, because that is what thinking and learning teenagers do.

I was so perplexed by one book I had read that I wrote to, The Queen, as she was implicated in this book, I thought it right to inform her…

ABOVE: My letter from The Queen regarding my bizarre theories, imaginings, and questions that didn’t make any sense.

The Gypsy, with his Baron Von Frankenstein.

I had looked at religions, joined a Gospel group, Christian workshops and spiritualist churches and I devoured books – all in the hopes of saving myself. I had lived a full life before I even met him, and I perhaps should have been mindful that this behavior would go over the head of somebody, who was so sheltered from a normal culture that he was just learning to read and practiced his written signature each day. I had a thirst for knowledge and understanding. We were quite evidently on different wavelengths – all he had was a hunger.

He then wrote about the fire. The fire that devastated me and threw my life into altogether new realms, as described in PART2. Perhaps to unnecessarily spice up his story, he wrote that I was an arsonist. That I set the fire on purpose and that I laughed in his face as I admitted to it. Arson must be an easy crime to commit in the Gypsy’s imagination. Evading the landlady, the firemen, the insurance men and the police reports must be a doddle. Also, my sister lived directly above our flat as also described in PART2, so if he had have thought on, he could have added attempted manslaughter to my list of credits.

I cringed and recoiled with embarrassment for him when I read that our flat looked as though the ‘Marshmallow Man’ from Ghostbusters had just exploded all over it. Great mounds of melted Artex were splattered all over everything. He also makes many references to his ‘Flintstone Flat’ being burnt down. Using the Artex he describes, as a reason for the nickname but in fact, the Artex comes from the temporary accommodation provided by his friend Anka (Described with photographs in PART3 and PART4) and it is also worth noting that Artex does not melt. He goes on to lay claim to elements of my sister’s bitter experience with an ex-boyfriend.

She had finished the relationship and so he took her leather-bound photograph albums, containing images from her travels around the globe and he burnt them in the garden, in a metal bin whilst the gypsy looked on and smoked cigarettes. They were her pride and joy and she was devastated. The gypsy used this inspiration to write that when I had ‘deliberately’ burned the flat down to rid him of any sign of his gypsy past, all of his photographs were destroyed. He sickeningly wrote in great detail, how his old photographs fell apart in his hands, a charred and burned crumbling bundle of images, forever to be confined to his memory. This included a myriad of colourful characters that he had made up from lots of different elements, some my own, but the reality is that he only ever had one set of images and they were all, of himself.

There were no images of his mother and father or in fact any of his family at all. Just thumbnail images of a photo-shoot he went to just after he ran away. He attended a shoot with no intention of buying a print because in those days, small thumbnail images were given for the customer to select from and he thought that they would do. It is those images that he framed and hung on the wall of his house share along with one photograph of myself just before we moved in together. As is common in a split, things get lost and misplaced and he ended up keeping one of my journals (taking it actually) but I held onto his bundle of photographs. Actually, he would have been at this photo-shoot when he appallingly wrote about having to spend weeks in the boot of a car.

BELOW: The only images he ever had

He writes in such a one-dimensional black and white way that it amazes me. It’s like taking a peek into his actual imagination. I had a good look round and it was disturbing. All of this has to come from his memory because he couldn’t write at the time and because of this, I could see grains of truth that have blossomed into perverted prose and stolen anecdotes. I know where he has taken things from and how misrepresented they are. I could dissect it all. It’s an unnerving and disturbing read when one actually understands how the author came to that verse; one can only read on in horror and disappointment.

I was starting to feel very sad and heavy-hearted for him. He wrote that I had done this on purpose, burnt our home down, because I was sick of his story. I most certainly was sick of his story. I did tell him that. I outline this in PART4. How I simply did not have the emotional maturity, or the intelligence, to deal with the immense pressure that he put me under. His longing to have his story shared with the world was bypassing people’s feelings. He had no respect, personal interest, concern or love for me at all and I couldn’t take it anymore. His story was and still is, it would seem, a cancer deep inside of him.

Of course, I was sick of his story. I don’t need to pour over the rest of what he wrote about me and our relationship because it is total nonsense and would become boring for you. So I will jump to our parting. I outline in-depth, in PART5 exactly how he moved on and left me but no surprise, his version in the book is somewhat adulterate. Such as the letter I wrote. 

In a childish attempt to keep some pride and to hurt him as he had hurt me, I wrote a poisoned letter. I didn’t mean a word of it but included in it were the nastiest things I could think of to write. I’m really sorry that I did that. I am sorry that it hurt him so much that it manifested itself in his book as a neatly addressed gift with ‘Fancy calligraphy’ that contained a ‘Brick sized slab of meat’, which on closer inspection turned out to be the tongue of a cow. Preposterous.

I also note in PART6 how I visited his new place of work and begged for his love. This transcended into his book as picking up a plate from the nearest table and threw it at me ‘like a Frisbee’, following it up with another and another, as I shouted, ‘did you think I wouldn’t find you?’ I was astonished by this deplorable and feeble balderdash. I wondered how any editor could let such obvious claptrap pass without correction? The video below demonstrates from where he pilfered that unoriginal, laughable and lazy anecdote, as Krystal Carrington picks up plates and throws them each like a Frisbee:-

‘Mikey Walsh’ was born in 1980, so how could this passage be true?
The show he claims as his birthright, didn’t even exist yet.
FACT. It aired and hit popularity, years after his birth.
How COULD he ever have been ‘Blake’ in his mothers heart, always?
Ask Curtis Brown, and Hodder & Stoughton!

As I have already outlined, he takes the reader through every gay cliche and blatant allegory alluding directly to prominent media in popular culture as if they were his very own to mirror. His blatant use of Dynasty is a prime example of how stolen elements of low-brow entertainment from 1980’s movies and television provided him with a foundation on which to weave his own unimaginative and perverted story.

Such as a Beaches inspired death scene and an Oliver Twist inspired gypsy in awe at St Paul’s cathedral, and let us not forget a Christmas telephone call from the actress Bea Arthur of The Golden Girls fame, at Ian Warrens? Among many others are Batman, The Goonies, Mary Poppins, a multitude of Disney cartoons and of course, The Wizard of Oz.

Once the reader is conscious of this element and aware of how far he stretches the realms of possibility and truth in all other areas, the book reads in another way entirely.

“When you know the truth, the truth makes you a soldier.”


As far away from the self-styled ‘Pig-Boy’ of his books as one could get, he was devastatingly attractive, with intensely beautiful eyes and lusciously long eyelashes that made his charm irresistible. He narcissistically adored the ABBA track, Angel Eyes, as he felt the lyrics applied to him. He wasn’t wrong, he could take your heart and you would pay the price. So it was comical for me to read that he only realised how attractive he was when his broken nose was fixed after an attack, and he writes about how there was this great reveal, as his friends gathered around with cocktails (Note parallels to the television series Dallas) and he was passed a mirror to peel off the bandages and reveal his new face to a captured audience, writing that it was the first time he had ever felt handsome. Preposterous.

I think that it is deplorable of him to use something that affects people so badly, for his own gratuitous and unnecessary use. His work is peppered with outrageous violence and abuse that simply did not happen to him. The use of violence and referencing to ‘Queer-bashing’ that he uses, to get him to the great broken nose reveal, was taken from somebody else that really was injured. This was another stolen anecdote which he didn’t even witness himself but heard from a third party, his landlord Ian Warren.

David V Barron and Mark Stevens ( AKA Mikey Walsh )

With this particular incident, he recalls wearing a hideous leopard print top, which the abusers pulled and ripped apart as they shouted, faggots shirt. The fact is that he lived in that skin-tight leopard-print lycra shirt. Below is an image of him wearing it with me. I have many images of us both wearing it at different times. This is why he remembered the shirt at all and could include it in his story.

“The folks who know the truth aren’t talking. The ones who don’t have a clue, you can’t shut them up!”

-Tom Waits

There is nothing in these books that have not been caricatured, perverted and exploited by this seasoned charlatan and his work is an absolute travesty, not even a T-Shirt is safe. Yet one of Britain’s most successful television presenters can be found in an online video, practically pushing it onto a vacant looking famous Australian singer with such childlike naivety, that it was adverse to common sense.  Excitedly trying to give her a brief synopsis of the incredible (NON-FICTION) story and informing her that he was bred to be the next King of the Gypsies… but all he wanted to do was watch Dynasty? Preposterous.

Still image of Dermot (recorded by his wife) recommending the book to feature in the first edition of Danni Minogue’s book club (My Daily) when she was a judge on the X Factor. In the video she asks, “how did THIS get into my dressing room?” — nepotism, evidently.

This television presenter also has a radio show on the BBC’s main station and together with his reality television producing fiancé, whom the Gypsy knows through his bar work connections (1999) and I would say his emotional crutch, have pushed the story onto every notable person with an audience and reach that they have access to. Which is an immensely impressive and influential group of people. The latter one would presume, the brains behind the operation – adept at turning the spotlight onto the mediocre and turning it into a marketable commodity. Together they are producing the film adaptation of the book/s. My knowledge of this is limited but it is (was) terrifying.

What I do know is that the people around the Gypsy are one of two things. They are either taken in by, or they are in on a lie and falsification. A fallacy. I am of course familiar with the presenter’s work and I have seen him in action, in real life. He comes across as a man with a strong moral compass and a sense of loyalty and I suspect that he would fall into the former category but it is pure conjecture on my part. I do not know the people that now surround him.

It is clever marketing that the gypsy (originally) concealed his identity but in reality, there is a much more covert reason. It was to his advantage in all ways, to remain hidden behind his pseudonym. Perhaps even his Twitter account is a PR tool? This would at least explain the vacuity and crassness of his tweets and what would appear to be an arrested development, with his repetitious reliance on low-brow entertainment from decades past.

I listened to two radio interviews with him. The juxtaposition was startling. Recorded in relatively the same time period, one a downmarket set-up with loose professionalism, where he laughed and joked (even about the violence he was subjected to) and burst into song.

The other with a seasoned, stoic interviewer, on a specialist BBC show, where after realizing that his usual whimsy and charms were ineffectual to the distinguished interviewer, he opted for the defense mechanism of tears, saying very little with full conviction, he let the crocodile tears shield him from further interrogation relating to the gaping contradictions in his story, and in particular, about his father.

He also writes that there was a contract out on his life. Ordered by his father. There was never a reward of any kind out for his return, as he had so dramatically written, because he had waited until he was almost 18 to run away. He couldn’t be taken back because he had just turned an adult… and not the young boy he claims, in those books. It is made up.

He saw plenty of Travelling folk in Blackpool. One of the fortune-tellers that worked next to me even approached me, and told me, that he didn’t love me. She said, “He’s only out for himself the lad, and he’ll cause misery”. They would all look at him and he would look back with this knowing stare but he tried to laugh them off.

My point is that he was NOT hiding in fear of his life, and he was seen by plenty of travelers on a daily basis. He just preferred to stay off their radar.

He knew he was running away with a story because he had been planning it since he was 15. All of this is highlighted throughout previous blogs parts.

His father was strict, but no different from any other father, working-class or gypsy, not a great deal of difference. Old ideals where men are men, and men fight for dominance and stature and he couldn’t bear the thought of telling his father and the masculine men around him that he was gay and so he hatched a plan to escape, and he changed more than names, places, and descriptions as time passed.

He invented a story that is only very tenuously based on real events, most of which he was merely a spectator to. Unlike many gay men that have to face these things with real courage and bravery when coming out to their family, he ran away and kept running.

In an act of great cowardice, without even giving them a chance to accept him, he bolted. Hell-bent on another life as far away from his upbringing as he could get to, without having to face them. There is nothing inspiring and brave about this.

He achieved his dream and has archived it forever in the written word. It is an impressive and outstanding achievement. ‘His story’ has grown, evolved and blossomed into being, as he had always dreamed it would, but its price comes at an Alpine height.

For me personally, having read the books, I didn’t turn scarlet and my face didn’t burn with acute embarrassment as he recounted our time together. Rather I was off the hook, and nothing resembled the reality of our relationship and nothing mirrored what I knew to be true from living with him.

I closed the book shut with a thud and stared into space, not quite believing the disappointment that I felt for him. Despite all of this I felt the unexpected urge to hold him and to hug him, as this mammoth journey he had been on came to a sad, ineffective and dismayed end. A fleeting testament to the fact that I had once loved him so very deeply. It was all for nothing, all that he had ever done, to himself and to other people, in order to get his story told, it was all for this disappointing travesty.

His civil partnership hadn’t lasted long, and he actually writes that it was his story that finished it off. Himself confirming what I have always said about him, that his story was and always will be cancer. With every piece of praise he receives, be it faint or sycophantic, for every person that is moved by his story and believe what they are reading to be factual, his integrity bank plummets deep into the red whilst that cancer deepens and spreads.

He has exactly what he had wished for. I absolutely without a doubt hope that it is what he thought it would be. That he feels it was worth it.

Perhaps he has people around him that know what he has done to confide in, perhaps he is reconciled with some of his family after all of those years, and they applaud him for pulling one over on the Gorgias – OR perhaps the only person who has knowledge of what he has done, stares back at him from his own reflection?

The television presenter I mentioned previously said of his book, that it read like a ‘magical fairy tale’ and I wonder if indeed, this chap knows, just how right he is? 

I wrote these blogs because every single word in them is the truth and nobody can deny me that. I wrote it because being inactive is not in my nature, and he poked a sleeping lion – I wrote it to save the inner child in me that he stole from under my feet, thinking I was voiceless, and knowing what it would do to me – did it anyway, with a giggling glee.

He made it my business when he took elements of my life as his own.

When he wrote about me, my childhood and my relationship with him did he expect that I would stay silent?

Perhaps my voice is a scream in a hurricane, ineffectual and lost, but as long as I know the truth is sitting here – I am appeased.

I have followed truth above all else, all of my life, and it leads to the contentment of one’s soul. I can only begin to imagine the demons that he has created for himself, and they must surely keep him awake at night, but at least he can soothe his anguish and fill in the cracks, with stuff and things and whimsy.


His flame-haired mother with a penchant for DYNASTY, Angel Delight and electric blue mascara …??
Come at me… I dare you.


“David. You mentioned, people have stated he has support from his family! This is untrue! These books have been nothing but damaging to the family and it gives me nothing but heartache to see the consequences on the family of these books.

As for the rest of the Gypsy Community, the books have just helped paint “gypsies” in a very bad light generally fulfilling the stereo –types of being dishonest e.t.c.  They do nothing to help address the already very prejudiced attitudes towards gypsies in our society. First of all, I would like to upload a Forensic Psycho physiological Veracity (Polygraph/lie detector test) Examination Report.

This will help catch everyone’s attention, to show I am clearly a family friend and what I am about to say over this site, has serious substance. If anyone doubts a Polygraph Test are not credible enough, let me just point a few simple facts, the company used in the report I am about to upload, is the same company that The Jeremy Kyle show uses.

Also the US federal government agencies such as the FBI and the CIA and many police departments such as the LAPD use polygraph examinations to interrogate suspects and screen new employees within the US federal government, as well as Canada uses Polygraph tests. Polygraph tests ARE conducted in Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Rutland, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, West Mercia and the West Midlands on all Paedophiles, rapists and other sex offenders. 

And very soon it will be throughout the U.K, FOR ALL SEX OFFENDERS.

Now I am sure you know what this Poly Graph Test was for:-

When the first book came out, it was massive shock to everyone who knows the family, but also to the Gypsy Community and one of the biggest shocks was the lie about Mark Stevens and his Uncle. The Comments about Mark Stevens, being sexually assaulted by his uncle Reg Stevens, (Joseph in the books) was extremely disturbing and this has been nothing but sickening for the Family to think, that Mark, could write such lies about his own family.

Paedophiles in a travellers Community is unheard of, this just would not be acceptable and the likely hood is, anyone in such a community would simple disappear! I know it is unacceptable in our society as-well, but in our society, Paedophiles would go to prison for a couple of years, then would be living in amongst us in our community again. This simple would not happen in a Gypsy Community, anyone Guilty of such a thing, would simple vanish, rightly or wrongly, but they would disappear! Reg Stevens, done the best thing he could possibly do and probably the only thing you can do when accused of such a disgraceful act and that is do a lie detector test.

This was to help me, put the truth our there about these books and to go on such sites as these and put the real story forward.”

– Philip Stuart (Family Spokesperson)

Mark Stevens ( Mikey Walsh ) Gypsy Boy


  1. Brilliant, loved reading it, bit sad it’s the end though, I got all excited each time you posted lol. When are you bringing out a novel? I’ll be first in line. the bit about the marshmallow man made me laugh, pure class, what an absolute pillock!!

  2. Loved reading such an intelligent & classy blog…!! (I would want my side of the story told too!!)
    Very well written.. l feel as if I know the characters
    You must find something else to write about soon David 🙂

  3. Beautifully written David. A great account of your time with him, very humbling and honest. You must write more from now on, leave The Gypsy behind once more (and for good). X

  4. I have the first book, still not read it though. We have an open fire at our house we usually get going around this time of year~we often use old newspaper etc to help it on its way….will use this book. Can be chewed to browse the newspaper before burning it but won’t bother with this tripe….at least we are all aware newspapers write rubbish but I guess pretty soon people will know this is even worse. I have a friend who has both the books, not read them yet~I will tell him not to waste his time and to spread the word to others. Untruths and far fetched stories are one thing but accusing a relative of sexual abuse that never took place purely to sensationalise a ‘story’ is sickening and surely no-one can or will forgive that. Well done for having the courage to speak out about these dreadful books.

    1. Haha!! Well don’t mince your words!! Thanks for the comment and for reading the blog. Let your friend read the books… the first one is a good read and if people are moved and inspired, then there is no harm done. The real harm is invisible. It’s harming him for sure, and it is harming the people whom he wrote about i guess.

  5. Really and truly an exceptional piece of writing. You really do have the skill to be able to illustrate your life in words. What you going to write about next, i think there’s a story in there some where. Having said that I don’t think anyone could have written the events that have unfolded throughout the gypsy blog so maybe you should just write more about your life x x x x

  6. This, I did not expect when I clicked on the link on twitter. I was half expecting a few lines of blog so I could click ‘like’ or leave a comment but I could not peel my eyes away from what you have wrote. I am a writer and I was in awe of your detailed description of your side of the story, wow! I was actually left with images of him being the ‘lurch-type’ ‘frankenstyne’ type role in all this..who ‘cackled’ his whole way through writing his books….spindly fingers typing away…almost fanatical about hurting those who meant something to him once. It was and is a shame about his accusations for mere sake of ‘fiction’ which in itself have back-fired immensely, like he needed a reason to be gay!..well done for capturing my mind and bringing the essence of truth to the fore. The truth will always find its way home, without a pair of ‘red slippers’ to help it do so…x

    1. Wow… what a comment!! I can tell you’re a writer. Thank you. I swear that truth is the only way, it keeps us pure of heart and intention, he will see and feel his mistakes. Thanks once again!! xxx

      1. Thank you for your lovely reply and you’re so right about truth,which does in itself find its way back to its source,whether its to gratify or haunt with its impact. You’re an amazing writer and I look forward to your future blogs and any other pieces which you may present to us mere earthlings;) well done! Xxx

  7. ‘We feel in love in a hopeless place’……that song and video by Rihanna would be a perfect soundtrack to your experience with the gypsy. You cant help who you fall in love with…there are sooo many highs and lows…and thanks for expressing in words moments and time with the gypsy. Theres always two sides to every story. and yours is the truth! ^_^

  8. Actually I have met and interviewed Mikey Walsh several times over the last couple of years. Myself being a researching for an established newspaper.
    How you people can believe and praise this person is ridiculous!
    Photographs are a total joke, this blog is a total joke.
    As for you! What are you gaining from this?
    I suggest you take your place in the line, in an orderly fashion with the rest of the deluded lunatics that claim to know him.

    1. We are all entitled to ‘our’ own opinions and it seems like someone has took upon himself to oppose these opinions onto us by the mere ‘fact’ that they have met with Mr ‘Mikey Walsh, several times over the last few years’ therefore throwing their biased opinions into a brilliant mix of complimentary comments to David Baron, who, may I add has nothing to hide but to expose his side of ‘the story’ because that is all it is apparently, a story, but if feathers have been ruffled due to Davids blog, it leaves nothing to us but that of a wonder? There are always two sides to a story,it seems others prefer to say there are two sides of a coin, I wonder which one the Mr Walsh prefers? A story or a coin? Because it seems he has used one to get the other…..

  9. “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

    – Arthur Schopenhauercr

  10. Hahaha! Sorry to burst your bubble luv..But I am without a shadow of a doubt 100% sure, that the person he talks about in the book is NOT! You.
    Oh dear, I actually feel embarrassed for you.

    1. “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

      -Arthur Schopenhauer

  11. ha ha!! so clearly got to him then!! it wasn’t intended to it was intended to reveal the truth!! these ‘people’ (if they actually exist) are just embarrassed as they now realise what idiots he’s made out of them. I was around at the time I know this ALL to be the truth. I know exactly who ‘Mikey Walsh’ is (not his real name you idiots). I work in a psychiatric hospital and know what lunacy is so how dare you use that in response to the writer of this blog. I’d be happy to meet with any of you and explain that the facts speak for themselves. It’s you people that should be embarrassed for being taken in but he did a good job I’ll give you all that. You are of course entitled to your opinion but we all know the truth and you trying to disguise it is pointless and just adds weight to the facts!! GET OVER IT….the truth is out now and will continue to spread. these books will end up on fiction shelves soon enough. Good luck to this young gypsy man but next time try writing the truth and certainly do not sensationalise heinous crimes against you that never even took place. If you feel the need to comment on this…. bring it on, you’re only drawing more attention to what we already know is FACT and making more of an idiot of yourself!!

    1. If people take the time to read each part of the blog then they will see why I wrote it and I will continue to approve any comment, negative or positive because I really do believe that everyone is entitled to an unedited opinion. If somebody can band about the word lunatic after reading it… then it says more about them and why they are saying it than it says about my blog, its contents, or indeed myself. I wrote in a measured, objective and truthful way. Don’t get drawn in Katie… people will disagree for lots of different reasons but that is entirely up to them. They were not there, so their opinion is null and void.

  12. fair do’s to you David for writing this blog.. and i as a reader of both this and the books have felt compelled to message you here.. I must ask myself, why you do this?..
    i know you have felt abliged to write it, but even if this was the guy you speak of, i really, on an unbiased side of it, cant help but think what amount of trouble this blog could to get you into..
    you not only spoke about a relationship with a gypsy,which you have every right to, but have moved into very dangerous territory of speaking about a books themselves, claiming they are fiction without anything but hear say to back it up…
    none of the events you speak of, or even you as a person are even described in any detail, which leaves only a matter of time before you will find yourself a victim of a severly heavy legal battle with a publisher, and credible people who support the works.
    It will be them, not the author, who take you through the process of not only shutting a page like this down, but demanding also that you would have to pay hefty damages as a result of it… a publisher beyond the “J.T Leroy era” are very careful about publishing anything they regard as untruthful and make many steps in making sure they have the firepower to bring down such things as this.
    You cannot tell me, by not only listening to the authors story in his own words, and the support he actually does have from his family today, who comfirm very openly, the truth that his story is, and how they have had to deal with it themsleves..these are events that happened long before you claim to have known him,and continued long after.. So, any of the statements here regarding the book, are not only out of your knowledge,but have only given weight to a serious defamitory case… i strongly suggest you move on, and wish the gypsy the best of luck… good luck to you…

    1. Thanks for the objective comment Steve. People should be mindful and ask themselves what they would have done in my shoes before judging. There are no right or wrong answers, I dealt with it how I felt was the best way to deal with it for myself, and it is here on my personal blog. More detail? Food for thought. Thank you.

    2. Publisher’s are not careful about publishing stories that are truthful. “A Million Little Pieces” is one such example. And we’ve got Rush Limbaugh’s works published. Not to mention the lies that are told regularly in the Main Stream Media. I wish publishers WERE careful.

  13. well i might not be good with fancy words !! but let me tell you EVERY word
    wrote by david is TRUE…..i know because i was there in blackpool …they
    lived above me……everyone who knew and loved david was very worried
    and concerned for him…..(we could all see through this boyfriend)…..
    lets just say one of lifes……. chancers…..user…..taker…..mmm…..all david
    did was give and love…….(heaven on earth for a user)…….
    i had to comment after reading (robs) nonsence!!! believe me sweetheart
    (WE KNEW HIM WELL)……so stop chatting shite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Seems to be a war of words going on here, words that seem to have inflicted a need to justify Davids justification of the truth,which may I add,still stands strong. These claiming to know ‘Mr walsh’ now by mere chance of meeting with him were as it seems NOT there when he and Davis knew each other well but seem to think they were there implanted in his mind whenever he was penning his book,..noone knows the truth for sure..but if you can base that on a piece of writing which flows like a pure river of conscience I certaintly know what side I believe!…those who throw slander,if need threat into the equation have merely done so through doubts of their own as a need to recognise the person they are standing up for is not indeed the person they have wanted him to believe to be and for that I sympathise with. Congrats again David for a beautiful piece of will find all sorts coming out of the woodwork but you will find that when you open a can of worms…as for the lunatic comments…”I suggest you take your place in the line, in an orderly fashion with the rest of the deluded lunatics that claim to know him” need I say more toward those who claim to know him, when indeed the person who wrote this beautiful blog sure as hell did!…

  15. After reading the blogs.. I have to agree with Stevewooly on this one David. You must take care when making suggestions like you have in the last one.

  16. Lovely descriptive piece of writing David. I hope you can finally close that chapter on your life now. We all remember our first love and if this ended badly to have it dragged into your current life in a distorted and hurtful way must be horrendous. Although everyone is entitled to their own opinions I feel that to attack you for writing your own truth is wrong. I’m sure there are two sides to the story which will differ, but the version in the book seems to have been sensationalised somewhat!
    I look forward to reading more of your work in the future and hope it will contain nothing of the gypsy that clearly broke your heart so long ago. I’d like to hear more about the happier times in your life…

  17. But in your comments you have said this is the truth..Also in part 7 you say the books were written to deceive…. I have read both books and all I can see is that the author changed names, places and descriptions to protect people.. How Can you say for sure that its you in the book, with the discription? I’m also confused at some of the comments…Katie says she hasn’t read the books, so how can she say they aren’t true? Lisa claims she lived below you both in Blackpool. Yet you say you lived in a basement flat.
    I’m not here to argue with anyone on here. But I find it all very sad that it as come to this…You claim that this is you in the book..therefore i don’t think you have the right David to challenge the truth in the things that happened in his life before or after you was with him… I do hope you find happiness, and I hope the gypsy finds happiness too.

    1. I hear what people are saying. I’m open to constructive criticism and I’m happy to remove that part. It was my opinion and I was also asked to include those documents but its quite true that it has nothing to do with me.
      I’m happy to remove it because I don’t want to spend my time fielding comments about that and I don’t want it to upset people.
      What remains is a personal blog about what happened between me and a gypsy that went on to write a couple of books. I can’t speak for Katie but Lisa lived above our basement flat. Its a typo. Her typing did seem heated!! Its not something that is important to prove. People can agree or disagree with me I don’t really mind. Its what happened and I don’t claim anything… I just wrote what happened to me and how he was with me. I am a happy person but I wanted and needed it off my chest. I am entitled to do that and believe me I could have gone in harder. It is what it is. If people don’t like it then they don’t have to read it but like I said, I hear what people are saying and I’ve taken it out.

  18. Dear peter bowden…….. i am very sorry to confuse you ……it was a simple mistake sir…
    i lived above them…….hence the fire could have killed me as i was ill in bed that day….
    david was utterly distraught ……….
    but hey i was there ….YOU WERE NOT!

  19. im really annoyed …………..if i hadnt been in your life when all this happened david…then i wouldnt comment…………..
    i wouldnt have the GAUL to question what has been written !!! but some people
    have to have there neb in !!!! jeeezzzz……dont worry those that matter know the truth xxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. Awesome piece of personal journalism there, can almost feel the gypsy close enough to kick him. It’s great to get a glimpse into the truth twisting world of autobiographies and tv, we all know they make it up, and here you’ve brought us the evidence!
    Be proud of yourself, for coming through a stronger guy, and for your wordsmith ways.
    looking forward to your next project

  21. Dear David,

    It has been a great pleasure reading your blog and also I have enjoyed reading the above comments.

    First of all I would like to say that I am a family friend of the family mentioned in the “Gypsy Boy” Books, so instead of everyone using the bogus name of ‘Mikey Walsh’, I would much prefer to use the genuine name, Mark Stevens ; the actual Author of the books.

    I feel you have written a very accurate description of Mark Stevens and I would like to ask you, David, for your permission to add a statement from the Stevens family, mentioned in the books.

    I would also like the opportunity to upload evidence, such as documents, to clearly prove that Mark Stevens, has made some sickening lies up in his apparent ‘life story’.

    The Stevens Family and the wider Gypsy community have been greatly distressed with the falsities throughout the books.

    I look forward to hearing back from you!

    Many thanks,


    1. Hello Philip and thank you for the comment.

      I have tried to be respectful of all the comments placed here, some of which state that he actually does have support from his family, who confirm openly that the story is true? So it would be very interesting for you to shed some light on this.

      I lived with this person, I knew his story VERY well and I knew his agenda, so my account of my time with him is very accurate indeed but I adjusted and re-edited part 7 of this blog when comments where raised that suggested that I should not challenge the truth of the things that happened in his life before and after I was with him. This is debatable but I accepted that as a fair comment and acted accordingly.

      You however, are more than welcome to add whatever you feel fit and I will again adjust the blog to accommodate you and what you wish to express.


  22. Thank you,


    You mentioned, people have stated he has support from his family! This is untrue!

    These books have been nothing but damaging to the family and it gives me nothing but heartache to see the consequences on the family of these books.

    As for the rest of the Gypsy Community, the books have just helped paint “gypsies” in a very bad light generally fulfilling the stereo –types of being dishonest e.t.c.
    They do nothing to help address the already very prejudiced attitudes towards gypsies in our society.

    First of all, I would like to upload a Forensic Psycho physiological Veracity (Polygraph/lie detector test) Examination Report.

    This will help catch everyone’s attention, to show I am clearly a family friend and what I am about to say over this site, has serious substance.

    If anyone doubts a Polygraph Test are not credible enough, let me just point a few simple facts, the company used in the report I am about to upload, is the same company that The Jeremy Kyle show uses.

    Also the US federal government agencies such as the FBI and the CIA and many police departments such as the LAPD use polygraph examinations to interrogate suspects and screen new employees within the US federal government, as well as Canada uses Polygraph tests.

    Polygraph tests ARE conducted in Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Rutland, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, West Mercia and the West Midlands on all Paedophiles, rapists and other sex offenders.

    And very soon it will be throughout the U.K, FOR ALL SEX OFFENDERS.

    Now I am sure you know what this Poly Graph Test was for:-

    When the first book came out, it was massive shock to everyone who knows the family, but also to the Gypsy Community and one of the biggest shocks was the lie about Mark Stevens and his Uncle.

    The Comments about Mark Stevens, being sexually assaulted by his uncle Reg Stevens, (Joseph in the books) was extremely disturbing and this has been nothing but sickening for the Family to think, that Mark, could write such lies about his own family.

    Pedophiles in a travellers Community is unheard of, this just would not be acceptable and the likely hood is, anyone in such a community would simple disappear!
    I know it is unacceptable in our society as-well, but in our society, Paedophiles would go to prison for a couple of years, then would be living in amongst us in our community again.
    This simple would not happen in a Gypsy Community, anyone Guilty of such a thing, would simple vanish, rightly or wrongly, but they would disappear!

    Reg Stevens, done the best thing he could possibly do and probably the only thing you can do when accused of such a disgraceful act and that is do a lie detector test.
    This was to help me, put the truth our there about these books and to go on such sites as these and put the real story forward.

    Thanks Phil

  23. Loved reading these comments..what bounces out is the tug-a-war of negative and positive but if I’m to be honest, david still stands out as the consistent pawn of honesty in all of this.Not once has he justified himself or fought back at the negative with angst nor should he have to, These people who are clearly speaking for the other half of this reminiscent blog can come at him with threats and bias comments but there is nothing to suggest that David has lied or made things up and David has every right to write his own ‘personal’ blog.because that’s what this is, his ‘personal’ blog….It is obvious that the gypsy books were wrote with David as a character and those other characters marred by the writers perilous thoughts, to which,again, David has every right to question and write about his experience and feelings which bears similarities to his life with the writer! Like I’ve said before, some people just won’t let things ‘lie’ and I congratulate David for his beautiful blog which again flows with consistent honesty,some waves have been created but the ebb of tide of the truth will always come ashore no matter who wishes to create a storm on these waters…look forward to more stuff from you David, stay true to yourself..and everything else will fall into its own place;)

    1. Its very touching that a reader of this blog can take such a measured view and care enough to post this wonderfully supportive comment. Jeani I thank you very much. What I am saying IS the truth but it is not my desire to push it onto people and try to change peoples minds… its simply to place the truth out there and let them do with the information whatever they wish to. Denial comes in all shapes and sizes and they can bury their heads in the sand, ignore the voice of reason in the back of their mind that says it is self-evident or they can believe me. Neither result benefits me in any way whatsoever but the truth has been told and that’s what mattered enough for me to write it.

      1. David,
        Hi,thanks again for such a lovely comment, if anything has come out of this, apart from closure for yourself (which I hope you have found) is that you have shown yourself to be an intellectual, positive,strong confident,loving individual with mannerisms that the queen would be proud of. I,myself commented on this blog purely out of awe and pleasure out of read such a wonderful peace and over the past week or so I have found myself in a circus of comments good and bad yet still feel absolutely the same about the point you are trying to make…if any…Like a star, this shines above any negative comments which sound like they really are from another planet..but like the truth itself, it sounds like someone has had a huge crash back down to earth!…all the best to you David, you should keep writing,look forward to your future blogs:)

  24. I am marks first cousin and am so pleased you wrote this to let people no what a lier mark is all the crap he wrote about my family has rip through us like wild fire but like all good familys we have pulled togther and will fight with pride to defend are name we are a true gypsy family who a well liked and respected in side the gypsy community and non gypsy we just hope people will now see mark for what he is a wicked money grabing person who tells lies on people who have only loved him and his family any one wanting to ask me about it one on one call 07926126985

  25. as far as going to court goes we have been down that road,but because mark did not use real names we dont have a leg to stand on ! surely if mark stevens was abused like he said why has he not been to court ? and if tony knows “marks” dad why was he talking and going out for food only a few months ago ? plus i dont care what strangers like you say because your entitled to you opinion all i ask is here both sides before you jump to conclusions ! one thing was true though which you stated in your post my grandad would be ashamed of all the lies mark has spread, being a traveller you will agree people should not speak bad of people who are no longer with us like my beautiful mother and granmother and my hero my granfather ! to end this because its not about me all i say is please hear both sides!

  26. Hi David, I am impressed with your passion for writing. Your writing is thoughtful and obviously comes straight from the heart. I admire that you can devote so much energy to expressing yourself.

    Peace, as ever.


  27. Hi David,

    I have to be honest and tell you that as I read your blogs I was absolutely heartbroken. And yes, I do realise how amatuer dramatic that sounds. “Mikey’s” story really spoke to me and the connection seemed all the more personal because I believed it was real. But as I read the blogs and put the pieces together I see now that I was perhaps a little naive to think that this “Mikey Walsh” bloke was never without fault in his life. The story was always one sided and the leading man was just a hopeless romantic always unlucky in Love. I know, like we all do, that life doesn’t work like that. So I suppose I trusted the author a little too much.

    Throughout the blogs you are very honest about the mistakes you made and your insecurities. Honesty like that is relatable. You really ought to write your own story.

    Thank you for the blogs. I added your Facebook page and your pictures are grand too. Looking forward to that first novel though ;-D

    1. Hello David,

      Thank you for the warm and honest comment. It doesn’t sound dramatic at all.I understand how you must feel. Among many personal reasons, one of my motives for writing the blogs was the duplicitous nature of the ‘true’ story and how sickeningly and perpetually he allows it to be perceived as the truth. It is literally a travesty!

      Thanks David


  28. You really inspire me David with who and how you are. And that’s a good thing! It’s helped me a lot. Your courage and conviction. Your truth and honesty and wish for justice for yourself and others. Your creativity. Your desire to make good of and for yourself in new directions. You’re being brave and positive and rising above adversity. And I like that. Thanks for sharing your experiences in such an eloquent manner. I’ve enjoyed reading this blog. It’s obvious it’s all come straight from the heart. And I understand the reasons for doing it. Truth. Well done.

  29. David, I have never read anything so honest and compelling a read as your blog. You were very brave putting all your emotions on show and it gave such a well balanced view of the relationship. I was quite shocked at some of the comments on your blog as some seemed quite vicious and emotive – but in reality that’s fantastic to create such a reaction and good indicator of how compelling your blog is. Your blog was so well written and articulate, I echo the view of others that you should really look at writing a book – you clearly have the talent. I enjoyed reading it so much I’m kind of sad that it’s ended! x

  30. Well having read the books, enjoyed and related to them greatly I have read all of the above with interest. David your story is equally moving to me.
    There were parts of the “Mikey Wash”” book that just did not ring true with me and your account reiterates them. I also know someone in “Mikeys” past who told me negative things about his character, again which your account reiterates.
    Good for you David 😉 hope life is now good with you!


    1. Hi Gary. I’ve said it time and time again on here, that the truth speaks for itself. I’m glad that you can see this and I thank you for reading and commenting. Yes I’m well and all is certainly good with me. I wrote this blog from a place of happiness. Its an intense subject, so I don’t think I would have been able to do it had my life not taken me, where I wanted to be x

  31. I smelled a few rats when I read the second book. I don’t know why but it made me do some DIY investigating. I am glad I did. Your version of events certainly have a ring of truth. I have been boxing since I was a kid, I still have scars,lumps and bumps to show for it. For someone apparently ritualistically beaten as he claimed to look like that is laughable. I doubted the sexual abuse too. That, it would appear was the right thing to do! Having found out that I actually knew you at the time only a few days ago, the picture that was painted of you as a freak whom no one liked was quite a shock. It couldn’t have been further from the truth. I also found out that the landlord was also someone I knew well and he was one of the most liked blokes at the time in Blackpool. I doubt very much he would have voiced such nastiness. You live and learn! Well done with your musings

    1. Hi Adam.

      Yes, it must have been a shock to realize that you were there at that time and know some of these people, including myself. Google really IS your friend!!

      The truth speaks for itself here. I need say no more.

      I thank you for the comment.

  32. David,

    Thank you so much for this extremely insightful piece of writing. I, like others read the book and was deeply moved during long air travel due to the nature of my work.

    Unlike others I have first hand experience of traveller culture being of that background myself. I have to say although I was swallowed up by the story, I did have my suspicions and questioned the legitimacy of some aspects of the books. Dissatisfied, I decided to do some research of my own and I stumbled upon your blog.

    I feel a tad angry towards myself for letting myself to be taken in by a novel bought in an airport between long haul flights when over emotion from exhaustion let me doubt a culture I know too well.

    Bravo for standing up for yourself within this culture of lawsuits and censorship of the everyday man’s belief and story.


    1. Many thanks for the comment. It is precisely why I wrote it. Personal issues aside, I was also a consumer of this product but unlike most, I could see where the reader was being misled and I was not taken in. Nothing could override any fear I had about standing up for myself more than this… It is appalling and it is unethical.


  33. I believe every word of gypsy boy and gypsy boy on the run, I think those of u who have been so rude in your replies ie suggesting the book will be burnt on your fire, are extremely sad people. Open your mind up to the fact that it could all be true, the reason pedophiles don’t exist in the gypsy community is because the gypsy people refuse to believe it could happen within their tight knit of people.

      1. Even though I do believe in the book I have to say that I admire your response. Rather than getting annoyed you have accepted my opinion graciously.

      2. Thank you. Becoming angry with people because they have a different opinion is why this world is in such a mess. It is not for me to impose my truth. Perhaps, I would rather reveal that which lies half asleep in some, already.

  34. fantastic reading here, they say there is never a thing done that do-sent come to light.

  35. Some time ago I read Gypsy Boy and I thought it was fantastic. Then I read Gypsy Boy on the Run and I thought that was fantastic too. Then I started thinking and then I began searching the internet. I found Gypsy Boy’s twitter page which isn’t nearly as well written as the books and then I found your Gypsy blogs (which I think used to be on Facebook). I read these and I’ve done some more thinking and I’ve now come to the conclusion that it’s you who is telling the truth. So now I’ve told everyone I recommended the books to, to read this account for a much more accurate version.

    By the way, like a lot of other people here, I think you write extremely well. Thank you so much for writing all this down.

    1. Hello Carolyn,

      Many thanks for your comment and the vote of confidence. Yes there was something on my Facebook some time ago. Initially I was outraged and shared this with my friends and family on there… but I soon realised that this was not the dignified way to proceed.

      You’re obviously a measured and thoughtful person because you have followed this for some time and reached your own conclusion. All the signs are there, not just here in my blog but within the actual story and the telling way that he operates his crude and vulgar twitter account.

      Anyway, I thank you immensely for the compliment on my writing and for taking the time to comment and publicly commend my account of what actually happened.

      dVb x

  36. “Gypsy Boy” was in the “New Books” section of my local library and I thought I would learn a little about the Romani because I love the music of Diego El Cigala. I should have realized that the title revealed that I shouldn’t read the book. “Secret World” is a tell. As I began reading it, I thought to myself, “What a perfect book to fuel the racism that is so rampant in this world.” The pictures you’ve posted of “Mikey Walsh” show that he is drop dead gorgeous, which I suspected. His heart and soul are the opposite. I couldn’t stomach reading the book, so I read a few sections and jumped to the end. Then I searched on the internet to see if I could find articles that would prove his book was, in fact, action fiction. Typical of the New York Times, their reviewer didn’t bother to find out if the book was non-fiction. Thanks for writing this blog. It confirmed my beliefs. It’s not surprising that a clairvoyant informed you of what to expect from him. Makes you say, hmmmmm …. doesn’t it? So “Mikey Walsh” has made a lot of money and is sitting pretty. I would say that you weren’t in love with him. You were in love with who you thought he was, and that can reveal to you who you really want as a lover. Who you thought he was is the light on your path. As for the popularity of the book, it reveals what many revel in and eat up – hatred and lies.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth, for sharing your opinion.

      Its rather sad but I agree, many publishers (like any other industry) just want to make money above all else and it is easier to push these things on an unquestioning, less discerning demographic these days… what with this alarmingly effective dumbing down of society.

      I echo many of the points that you raise and I thank you for the comment.

  37. I just finished reading “Gypsy Boy” – and stumbled upon your blog – I am deflated and just a little disheartened about finding out the truth- (and I do believe you to hold the true story) Just when you feel like you have found someone to really be inspired by and root for – you are let down by the truth. Thanks for sharing your truth – THAT is actually inspiring! I was eager to read the next book but luckily I found your blog and you have saved me from time wasted! Did he really make all that stuff up about his family and his uncle? Shameful is all I can say – and the fact that you are certainly no Frankenstein!

    1. Hello Kelli

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and for believing in my blog. Having just read the first book, that is quite a jump for you to make and I understand how that could make you feel disheartened.

      Thank you once again

  38. Two things happened for me today that have made a huge impression on me. Sometimes in life we are inspired by a piece of art and sometimes, shortly after, we suffer at the impact of disillusionment.

    I finished reading Mikey Walsh’s Gypsy Boy this morning. Its clever, artistic and ‘honest’ approach left me spellbound. As is often the case with me after being touched by aspects of popular culture I wanted to know more, I didn’t want the ‘magic’ of this fairytale to end just yet so set about googling to extend my knowledge. What did I find? Two treasures of truth. Firstly, I listened to a radio interview of ‘Gypsy Boy’ talking about his life and his book. The seed of doubt began to grow within me. Gypsy Boy’s responses did not deviate from the book’s narrative or expand to provide me with more information about his life. Instead, I was left with the feeling that he clung desperately and fearfully to the storyline. There was no new information, no more depth of philosophy than if he had carefully prepared a script for court. Never before whilst listening to an interview of an author have I heard this hollowness and shallow depiction of his own fictional character.

    I read your blog David, three times. A stand-alone piece of writing brilliance in its own right. Thank you. More significantly, what you have done is courageously and meticulously cast some kind of justice to a lie that has been left to grow to such an heroic status. Well done you and never lose this ability you have. I’m very inspired by you.


    1. Oh my word, Nathaniel!!

      This is one of the best comments that my blog has received and it gave me goosebumps. You’re clearly, very very good at expressing yourself. I thank you form my heart, for taking the time to read and comment like this. I take absolutely no pleasure in any of it, I think it is a sad sad state for him to be in… but the blog HAD to be written and I am relieved that it is so well received.

      As I have said right from the beginning :-

      “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” –Arthur Schopenhauer.

  39. I am stunned and don’t know what to think. Living amongst Irish travellers in SC USA I always want to read about the gypsy’s. I am wondering if this book is just another con.

  40. I actually shed a tear tear reading this !… Not sure who or what to believe , I read both those books with a complete trust in the author ‘Mikey Walsh’ (as he called himself) … I’m a bit baffled , not that I think your take on the situation is wrong , but if what your saying is true .. I’ve been tricked in to believing something that never happened !! I can’t get what I want to say out properly .. What I will say is that your take on event whether true or not were so beautifully written that ill always keep that notion in my head , you’ve taught me a lesson , and confirmed what to many people say to me .. ‘Im to trusting of people’ .. It’s quite poetic really as I’ve just got back from Dublin and met a gypsy over there, much to my Irish grieves disbelief they warned me the guy was trouble , but I’d have none of it , warned me there trainee liars and of a different culture – this confirms a few home truths for me… 😦

    1. Oh, Oli.

      Thank you for reading and thank you for the comment. You ought not to be so hard on yourself. Most people, at some point in their lives, ignore warnings from other people who care about them and they ignore the warning signs in their own mind because they WANT to believe. Then, of course, our fingers are burned and that is part of life. That is normal. I still get conned by people now, very occasionally… but then I think of all the people in my life that perhaps wouldn’t be here now if I were guarded and mistrustful of them initially. So don’t ever lose the trust that you have in people. You say ‘ I’m too trusting of people’ and I say don’t ever be any other way. The alternative is bitterness. Continue to be open and trusting, that is my advice. The fact is that some people are terrible liars, who you are able to see through easily and others, they are very sophisticated. Just learn to be discerning and to listen to that inner voice… because it will always tell you.


      1. Can i ask you a question…
        How come none of what you sid has been used as an ‘alternative’ take on the events he described??…..

        It all makes sense to me now , this is not a nice guy at all , his tweets are rude and iggnorant!! I tweeted him months ago thanking him for such an amazing read , he never repied ~ but now his website is up and running and the film soon to be in production apparently ~ he now replies to all his ‘fans’ … OH well !!

        I’ve just finished reading your blog on the zodiacs etc (i cant lie some of the word i didn’t understand , but that has made me happy to look up there meanings , and for the first time ever i feel slightly clever lol..I’m not very literate on paper but can articulate myself well in person…your blogs are soon to change that , im literally mesemerised by your writing , i feel a real connection to your views and opinions .. and no not in a psycho weirdo way ,, just as a normal person)

        Your defintely someone i’ll be looking up to as a gay guy , I usully dont find gay people the most friendly of people , but you seem to break tht stigm for me and make me feel proud to be who i am…Sorry if im going on , but your page literallu has filled something ive been searching for , love your photis to…cant wait to see more of your work!!!

        Thank you so much


      2. Oh wow, Oli that is great to read. See, you are very open… that’s the way you should stay!!

        I am absolutely honored. Thank you. You know, whilst it is probably wrong to generalize, I DO understand what you are saying about a gay man… I have found that to be the case on a ‘gay scene’ with that mentality that seeps into their behavior. I have nothing to do with a ‘scene’ and I don’t relate to much of it, in fact, I have few gay friends.

        His style of tweeting is not my cuppa tea. I wrote this blog over a year ago since then I have not followed anything about him at all so you will know more than I do but perhaps he has a lot of people tweeting at him at any one time and he didn’t see your mention? I wouldn’t know.

        I have to go out now but Oli, if you could just reword that question for me please, I’m not sure what you are asking? I’ll do my best to answer if I can, when I return.

  41. I have the misfortune to have lived through events with two friends, each of whom “experienced” the events differently,and both of whom I still like immensely but neither of whom will speak to each other and assassinate each other to others.

    I can understand why each tells the story differently and has a different spin on it. I cannot get them to reconcile and it is a work of skill to remain friends with both, not take sides and not deny what happened.

    They have just ascribed causes thoughts motives and evil intentions on each other, which to me were present in neither of them when the unfortunate chain of events unravelled with too many genuine coincidences for each of them to accept.

    And neither will ever relent!

  42. Having read the first book by accident on a boring holiday(i borrowed the book but would have never bought it) i was compelled to buy the second book, but threw itunes in audio.
    Quickly realizing that i was the same age, and indeed seemed to be in the same places at the same time and indeed gay myself i needed to do some research as the places mentioned didn’t ring true.
    To my amazement when i googled it i knew the face of Mikey Walsh (not his real name) and dawned on me that Leeds was in-fact Blackpool as you mention. I am shocked that i actually had a one night stand with Mark many years ago whilst he was in Blackpool.I never knew anything of his past, it was what it was a one nighter, i can say the pictures are real in this blog , i was a regular on both Blackpool and Manchester gay scene and often seen you about aswell david.
    I cant say who is telling the truth with regards both stories as i really don’t know but what i do know is that the book lies about places and names of places.
    I used to live on lord street so know the place well and people you mention.
    So glad i found your blog and i feel a little robbed that i wasted my money on the 2nd audio book.
    I know what i believe NOW.
    Just a shame that we live in a world where people feel the need to lie to gain vast amounts of money from it.
    Regardless of that both books were entertaining never the less but probable fiction.

    best wishes


    1. Hi Lee,

      Thank you for your comment. You think in a very logical way and of course you cannot say that you know just who IS telling the truth. That is totally acceptable and it is common practice to change names and places for legal reasons. This general practice is the only fabrication that many people believe this ‘author’ has contrived.

      I do not believe that it is difficult to read thorough the lines of the second book and I would obviously testify against his story and advise people to see it for themselves and to recognise that the work is in fact build on a foundation of fiction, fabrication and stealth.

      Anyway, It is odd to think that you have had a one night alliance with him because I was with him just after he arrived in Blackpool and up until he left for Manchester, so probability would suggest that he cheated on me, with you. I have already outlined within this blog, the late nights and times spent alone waiting for him to come home, so I guess that is possible but I never suspected him as that ‘type’.

      All I know is that he did what he did and I retaliated because he made it my business. I am a lot calmer about it now. I will always take the time to reply to a comment left on my blog and I will always defend it if I ever need to because I believe that the consumers should know the truth.

      So yes, it must have been pretty amazing to have discovered that you had a connection to a story that you have just been following. Life IS pretty amazing and we never know what might happen next…

      God bless the internet, there truly is NO hiding place.

      Thank you, take care!!

      dVb Xxx

  43. David,

    Amazing blog. I found it by chance. I had read the first Gypsy Boy book when I picked it up in an airport and thought it was amazing and bought the second one as soon as I got home. The second one I thought had really lost the first’s appealing innocence, and it’s only after reading your blog that I realise just how cynical it is. Like so many others the melting artex bit had really bothered me too. If one bit is made up or distorted, then you start to question how much is fiction?

    Then I heard ‘Mikey Walsh’ on the Michael Berk interview and the whole thing rang hollow. This blog merely confirms the suspicions I had that I’d been duped by the cute first book. Still, I’m sure he’s made millions so good look to him.

    I really love your photography on this site, and as a gay man I can’t help but notice what a hot couple you were! I bet you have some great shots of the Gypsy that you’ve been too much of a gentleman to share on the internet!

    Cheers dude,


    1. Hi Stan,

      Thank you for the comment and your kind words. I am pleased that you picked up on those points. It really is all there, hiding in plain sight. I think that my blog merely holds up a mirror to the obvious. To the layers and layers of conceit. The fact is, to my mind, when he is taken away from the comfort of a fellow gay and biased ‘journalist’ or such environment where he cannot chat his vacuous and tired baby talk, when he is placed next to a real journalist, he would (DID) all fall apart.

      So it is quite interesting that the Beurk interview is mentioned by people as his last interview, as though he was so brave and noble to have done it at all but couldn’t stomach another such interview, when in my opinion… this is yet another conceit and a very blatant shield. I mean this truly is the definition of a travesty. Anyway, thank you again for the comments and in particular, on my photography.

  44. Thanks for the lovely response David.

    Your photography is *gorgeous*. And I doubt anything you’d taken would be unflattering, lol!

    I wish I was a gentleman but I salute you, sir! Your blogs are an amazing read, and ring true with every word.

    Stan. xxx

  45. you are just bitter because he dumped you. it wouldnt surprise me if half of the people leaving comments was actually you …

  46. It seems after reading all of this, you are still the crazy mentally unstable man that drove ‘Mikey’ away. If you we’re sane in any sense you would have not even read the book. You would have moved on, it’s pretty clear that you haven’t and to acuse him of lying and misleading the thousands that have read his book shows just how jealous you really are, why can’t you get on with your life. The gypsy was 100 times better than u anyway! Just a sad little man who needs to get over his ex!

  47. In this world people are entitled to their own point of view and therefore it is not my position to censor your comment and I wouldn’t make any judgment about how you reached your particular opinion because any third party reader, I believe, will still draw their own conclusion. As is evident in the many supportive and positive comments (which appear to be the majority) that this blog has received in the last 19 months before yours arrived.

    Thank you for your comment LOL.


  48. Wow. Very interesting to read this. Unfortunately, he has just reinforced all the stereotypes about Gypsies being out to fool non-Gypsies through his actions. As if Romany people didn’t already have it hard enough with the media only pointing out their faults…As an outsider to the culture, I thought I would be learning something by reading a book by somebody who actually was raised in the Romany tradition rather than just getting hearsay from crap like “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.” Well, don’t I feel gullible now!

    I have the American edition of Gypsy Boy, and I just want to point out that on the copyright page it states that some characters are not based on any one person, but are composite characters. From what you’ve said, though, it sounds like a MUCH bigger disclaimer was needed.

    I, too, thought the prose was amazingly well-written for somebody who had little formal education and was pretty much illiterate through adolescence, but I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, and I know from my own experience in publishing that many people, like footballers, “write” their autobiographies by dictating them to professional writers who then stylize their words to make the story flow better.

    Above all, I’m disappointed that I was fooled. It’s a bit like James Frey (“A Million Little Pieces”)…the book is well-written and gripping, and it would have made an excellent novel if only it hadn’t been marketed as non-fiction! Although that wouldn’t bring as much fame to the author, of course…what a shame.

    1. Yes!! I quite wholeheartedly agree with you, Tracey.

      I don’t believe he did anyone any favors save for himself, those that facilitated him with the writing and those close to him personally. Some folk says he is inspirational to gay men and to the gypsy culture and on the surface that may be the case as people are generally very superficial but one only has to scratch at the facade before it crumbles.

      However, I personally look for more depth and authenticity before I am inspired and the fact is, that to my mind, people are inspired by sound-bites. We live in a world where everything that we hear, read and see… is calculated, modified, contrived and dumbed down. People really ought to quested, who benefits?

      We are all fooled a little every day, we just have to be mindful and vigilant. People consume way too much without question or thought. Some have not even read the books but still have an opinion. Have you read the second book? I’m not sure about the American release. Is that both books in one?

      Anyway, they disclaim that some characters are not based on any one person but are composite characters and THAT it would seem, was carte blanch to market a heavily fictional piece as fact, in order to weight it down with an unquestionable integrity and provide a marketable hook and all under a faceless pseudonym whose social media presence and expression does not match that of the ‘author’.

      So yes, you’re right… It is a shame. I was very disappointed because at first, I thought that he had achieved something truly amazing and that he had grown into a wonderfully clever, successful and happy man and whatever he thinks of me, that is what I had hoped for him.

      Thank you for your fair-minded and reasoned comment, Tracey.

      1. The American release is just the first book…there’s a page at the end mentioning that there’s a sequel but I haven’t read that yet. Now I’m curious! But I won’t pay money for it.

        Another thing that struck me as strange was the fact that his face is so unblemished when the constant beatings he describes in the book would have undoubtedly left loads of scars!

        Every time somebody writes a book like this, somebody with a true story of abuse is more likely to be doubted and ignored in the future.

      2. Oh I see. Well, you should definitely read the second, Tracey. If you had doubts about the first then you will cut through the second like a hot knife through butter. Most of what I have written in this blog is pertaining to his second book. That is where he made it my business.

        There is an astonishingly ludicrous passage that recalls (after he was subjected to yet MORE violence) the time the bandages were removed from his face, as all his new gay family grouped around for the reveal of his perfect nose and new face… where, he writes, he felt attractive for the first time in his life.

        Buy the book… you will see!! Fascinatingly inferior to the first.

  49. So after all that it proves your uncle the undertaker, who is not dead, did not sexually abuse you?

  50. Ok I have just finished reading Gypsy boy (1st) and I was left curious, with some questions. Like how true it was, is he really talking to his family again. I tried to google a pic of him and came accross your site. At the start you came across (in my opinion) as a bit of an obssesed ex. However after further reading I saw how you broke it down so each chapter answered perhaps a point in his next book (which features you). My questions for you are. – Of course he broke your heart, and possibly used you, – but how does this make his past lies? A past before he met you. I mean you are quite equiped to refute the part about yourself, – but how do you know what went on with him as a child etc. By the way I have not read the second book, which I will do now after seeing this. I have been like a dog with a bone all day. I have stalked his twitter and he does not sound like your average joe teacher. Plus I have two small boys of 6 & 3 and if their father were to punch them, they would be dead. Plus all these cuts to his face and broken noses would have left at least some mark yet the boy in your photo’s is a master piece. Plus that does not ring true to the pigboy story either. Then there is the family. Apparently he dedicated his next book to his father, – I DO NOT get that if his recount of the abuse is true. He tweets he is in contact with his mother and his father and i can’t see somebody doing that if he was not. Everybody knows his real name now and what he looks like due to your blog. Which was a tad low btw, but then as I said I have not read his second book that involves you. I dont know if he is telling the truth, but if he is not can’t you sue him? I just feel that you are telling at least some of the truth as with his media support, otherwise they would have made you take this down. Perhaps you can give me your comments.

    1. Hello Laura,

      My blog is not here to challenge people or to change their minds about him. It is here as a personal testament/reaction to something that I found unjust, untrue and lacking integrity. People can take from that what they will – the fact of the matter is that I lived with this person and I knew his backstory well. I heard it on a daily basis and in juxtaposition with him actually writing about OUR relationship and the people around us… I felt pretty well placed to express my opinion in this manner.

      I am a real person, easily accessible online and I am here without any pretentions and with nothing to gain. I will always stand by what I have written and it was written from the heart. I know nothing of the latest developments and I know nothing about his reunited family, save to say that the holes in the story would appear to be getting larger and larger. I wrote this blog almost two years ago and so I’m not able to remain as cross about it as I was back then and whilst I agree that parts 1 – 6 could come across the way in which you say – it was actually the only way that I felt able to deal with it intelligently and in context. (Rater than he said this and she said that etc.) I mapped out my experience with him, which mirrors the distortions he wrote in the second book about our relationship and his relationships with people around us but I honestly feel that his fallacy is hidden in plain sight – just as you have raised so many questions of your own and you haven’t even read the second book – which IS ludicrous when one is armed with this insight.

      Thank you for the objective and fair comment, Laura. Something that is quite endearing about your post is that you answer most of your questions with your own reasonings. Most of what I have written is regarding the second book and whilst I would agree that had I done this straight after his first book – that would indeed be a low thing to do – However, with the second – I felt entirely justified. I said nothing until he made it my business.

      – Do read the second book and let us know your thoughts



      1. I must go and get his new book. I appreciate that having lived with him you were told his “story” but what I am after is the truth. Its a shame if he has lied as I thought I was reading a boys truth, and if he has distorted it for financial gain that is truly terrible. I, like yourselve cannot tolerate a lacking in integrity. I thought the way you told your story was well written and definately something I would have done. Like I said I had doubts on his story before I came across you blog. Gosh I really need to get hold of the second book now. If he has lied though, I hope he gets publically shamed. Perhaps if his family were to come forward and prove he’s a fraud. I cant abide unfairness. I will come back when I have read the book. Laura x

  51. HI David. I read the books and was readily lost in the romanticism of the story as I am sure many, (particularly gay men) who read the books were. We all love a tale of triumph over adversity. Who doesn’t? The Gypsy boy books were the first I had read in many, many years and I believed in the story and,(maybe foolishly) that the account I’d read was indeed the truth. I conveniently ignored it’s numerous discrepancies, until now. The evidence you present to support your version of events is indisputable, although I must applaud Mark for his unshakable ambition.
    I have enjoyed reading the blog as much as I did the books and hope that both of you hit your respective pillows at night with contentment.

    1. Hello Jack,

      Thank you for the comment. Very fair-minded. I do agree with you, his ambition was immense and he succeeded where so many people fail. Bravo!! It is an outstanding achievement and it amazed me… but inherently I am a purist and so the entire thing, disappointingly, rang hollow to me and I just don’t understand why the truth couldn’t have been written.

      Anyway, I did what I felt was right but I sure don’t wish him any harm. We all learn, grow and evolve at different rates – everyone can eventually find happiness and comfort and I DO hope that he is content with what he created.

      Thank you again, Jack

  52. Oh, and I forgot to echo all the comments praising your writing style!

    From reading the other blogs and viewing images on the site I’d say you too are a success story in your own right !!

  53. Hi,

    I have recently read the books. In fact, I read them both in the past couple of days I was that drawn in by them. Whilst I really enjoyed and felt emotion throughout reading both, I had this underlying (but overwhelming) feeling of something just not sitting right, more so when reading the second. I thought maybe that was just because some things in the second book didn’t match up with the first (this stood out a lot because of how closely together I read them). However, I put this down to perhaps wanting to tie things up in an easy manner with the first book not knowing there would be a second (annoying, but forgiveable). These were minor things too, for the most part. It also crossed my mind that there were contradictory behaviours, particularly in terms of his feelings toward his father. However, having a turbulent relationship with my own father I understand how this can happen. After reading this I don’t know what to think, I really don’t. Stupidly, I feel so disappointed that someone could be conning so many people out of emotion and empathy. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Emma,

      Now you mustn’t feel like that. Not at all. Taking things at face value is an admirable quality. The alternative is all sorts of negative. Who wants to be a mistrustful and doubtful person!?

      You had your own “overwhelming” doubts and noticed some contradictions, but you enjoyed the story nevertheless and could relate to aspects of it.

      Just take that into account and think of the positives. Most of what comes to us through the media is contrived anyway and so on that note, we are all stupid… we are overwhelmed with their stupidity on a daily basis and to never ask, question or seek the truth other than what we are presented with, now THAT would be stupid.

  54. I think everyone has already said what I would’ve liked to post here! Just finished the Gypsy Boy this morning, having read a copy a friend left behind when he came to stay with me.

    I really enjoyed the book and was curious to see what I could find out about the real person behind the story and I somehow ended up here. What a surprise!!

    Your blog is fantastic and I too have enjoyed reading a beautifully composed piece of heartfelt writing. I think most people can relate to falling hopelessly head over heels under the spell of someone who only had their own agenda in mind at some stage in their lives! I too was in love with someone I would have walked across hot coals for, just to receive an ounce of reciprocated love, so I strongly relate to your emotions and actions at the time.

    It’s always easy for stories and “who said what”s to get confused over time. But what I found most difficult to understand when reading the book is how Mikey managed to survive such repeated, brutal beatings from such a young age. As previous comments have alluded, and these gorgeous pictures on your blog show, there is no apparent after-effects on his face or body whatsoever. How can this be?

    At least now I don’t have to waste my time and emotional energy on the second book!

    1. Hello Nick,

      Thank you very much for taking the time to comment and offer such supportive and kind words.

      I agree that most people can relate to falling hopelessly in love with the wrong person and it is a comfort to hear that you can understand my actions back then. We all learn, grow and evolve if we have the mind to let our experiences shape us for the better and I am grateful for the experience that I had with him, because I believe that I wouldn’t now have the secure relationship I have enjoyed for the last 11 years, without first enduring the lessons that our relationship taught me… Is STILL teaching me, it would seem.

      It is an odd situation because where I meant absolutely nothing to him and I probably evolved over time in his mind to nothing more than a caricature that he could weave into his ever-growing story, I am actually a real person with vivid memories and deep emotions that are anchored in reality. Whether he likes it or not, he was MY first love. What I have written here is testament to that and as far as his ‘work’ is concerned, well my blog holds a mirror up to something I’m pretty certain speaks for itself and I will always stand by it and I am proud that I was (AM) able to face that daemon head on.

      Keep reading and keep questioning my friend, you have the right outlook !!

      Thank you once again, Nick.

    2. David, your literary ability has made this blog an utter pleasure to read. I too, read both books devouring them with the trust a non fiction book deserves. I also used the internet to delve deeper as they left me intrigued about the character.
      It was the Mikey Walsh Michael Buerk interview that made me raise one eyebrow, my best friend was sat next to me reading GB as I listened to it.
      “Hmmmmmm” we both thought…which led me to your blog.
      Like others, I initially thought Jealous Nutty Ex “Glun”….But, your honesty shines through your fantastic use of the English Language.
      Thankyou for having the convictions to put the truth out here, too many are apathetic, too many don’t see the point: but your writing is an example as to why we should…
      You have also reminded us all that there are two sides to every story.
      It has been an eye opening experience reading your blog, thankyou.

      1. Hello Kate,

        Jealous Nutty Ex !? Oh he wishes. No, that is not my destiny I’m afraid, and as I’m sure you have noticed, apathy is not in my DNA either and enough time has passed for me to look at this with a very large measure of objectively and I am very proud of myself for writing it. Also, I am grateful to the lessons it has taught me. Life really is quite something. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. It is appreciated – Thank you !!



  55. I just finished reading Gypsy Boy: My Life in the Secret World of the Romany Gypsies. I was immediately drawn in but the further I read, the less I felt there was much truth to it and would not spend time on the second book. I googled him to see what’s going on with him now and I read the interview where he states he’s so proud to be a Gypsy and he didn’t mean to give the idea that he had a horrible childhood or that his dad was monster. Hmmmm. Does he not remember what he wrote? The part about his uncle didn’t ring true, after you get past the shock factor, so I’m glad to see the lie detector test printed here. I feel very sorry for his family at this point.

  56. PS And after reading your blog Part 7, my sympathies go to you as well!! I’m sure other people who have been affected by his literary license (and personal behavior) are grateful to you.

    1. Hi Deborah,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. Yes I hope that my blog has helped others and I am sure there are many that have been unable to articulate themselves, but to paraphrase Mother T… it was never between him and them or even me, it is (in the final analysis) between him and God.

      Personally, I am grateful for all of life’s lessons, including this one.

  57. Dear David,

    I just finished Gypsy Boy this morning and wanted to find out more. I listened to the Michael Buerk interview and couldn’t help but find Mark’s answers contrived. His tears seemed acted, something he must be good at considering his study.

    I feel deflated, as I realise now that I have been reading a book of fiction rather than facts. Also, I have sadly come to the conclusion that I am easily conned. His face is too pretty to have received so many blows. I all just doesn’t add up. I wonder who has written his book, as he clearly does not have the linguistic ability to do so himself. Having said that, as a book of fiction it is a good read and the descriptions are very apt.

    His family must feel devastated about his book, as do you. However, he must have had a miserable life, which is very pitiful and I hope that lessons have been learned by anyone involved. I wish you all a happy rest of your lives and hope you can now focus on the future, rather than the past.

    Kind regards,


    1. Hello Caroline,

      Many thanks for the comment. Actually, I published this blog two years ago to this very day and so, whilst I will always leave it here and defend it, I actually don’t give it much thought. Onwards and upwards for everyone, I’m certain. Oh and don’t feel bad – We are ALL easily conned every day, when we pick up a newspaper, read a book or watch the TV… it is endless. Just question, learn, be mindful and evolve… which of course, you have done.

  58. Dear David,

    You are a lovely man and so wise. You’re right about us being conned all the time. I’ll try to keep it in mind every time I read a newspaper, watch TV or pick up a book!

    All the best!


  59. I can’t come to any conclusions, but people who write memoirs always distort things to make themselves look better, so I’m sure his book is far from accurate. Your “corrections” may not be totally reliable either, but you have less motive to falsify than he does. But I’m sure of one thing: you are still in love with him despite everything.

  60. So sorry to leave yet another post, but like others,
    I have just read the “gypsy” books, (luckily, they
    were hand-me-downs).
    The second book was just spinning in circles imo.
    The family dynamics just rang from hollow to overboard.
    I am hoping this “gypsy” author doesn’t find this
    trick works too well, and yet write another book
    under a different name.
    What did I learn from this? To suspect any
    non-fiction works. Yes, this is probably a little
    harsh, yet again, like others, I felt the story lacked
    credibility so went looking for answers.
    David, if you ever write a book, use your real name,
    and I will purchase it. Your writing is vivid, detailed,
    and has the ring of truth to it.

    1. Oh no apologies necessary Becca. You read my blog and you’re entitled to comment. As you say, you are echoing the majority of other people who have already commented and I thank you for doing so. Your opinion and the points that you raise are valid. Thank you also for the kind comments about my writing and rest assured that whatever I do, I shall do it with the ability to look ANYONE square in the eyes and use my real name with pride.

  61. What an interesting blog! As a gay Romany gypsy man who’s left, but not escaped, my
    Culture I was keen to read Gypsy Boy. I loved and wrote to ‘Mikey Walsh’ through his publisher thanking him for the story and he replied saying how delighted he was to hear from me. Whilst I related to his books I couldn’t quite understand some of the things he’d stated as given facts within our culture that I had never been exposed to, I questioned him about these in a second letter but he never replied. I still loved his work and read them again just lately but struggled with some stuff he’d written. I searched the web and found this blog. I think he has gone and sprinkled a bit too much fairy dust on the pages. While the Romany community is a closed the avarrage non Gypsy might take what’s written as fact, as a genuine Romany Gypsy I take half of what’s written with a pinch of salt and believe there is far more fact in this blog than in the books.

  62. I have read both books now, and did think after the first, that certain things seemed a bit odd, second I thought ‘Fanciful’ to say the least!

    I just got the impression he were a good looking ‘Good Time’ lad from the 80’s……’Rent’….. I knew quite a few from way back then…it were me era!!!

    But the ‘Boi’ has done good I guess, you don’t have ‘Youth n Looks’ to rely on for long, and I know plenty that are either dead or ‘Smackheads’ by now!

    Every story has two sides, and it’s good to hear both!! But was it anymore than just a story? I’ve read loads of Biographies from Famous people, and always take most of them with a pinch of Salt!

    Are we not all guilty at some point in our lives of exaggerating the Truth or the past to some degree?

    All I can say is….. that …if there never were a price on his ‘Pikey’ head, then as sure as day turns into night there will be by now!!

    1. Wow, what a comment. Quite harsh. I have to say that he was a child in the 80’s and so the 90’s were infact more his era. Rather wide off the mark in my opinion but nothing would surprise me.

  63. I found your blog after search about one of Mikey’s column in the magazine, GT (Gay Times). Your blog is excellently written. I am also impressed with your level-headed responses to comments. You show that even with the hardest of breakups, life and love goes on.

  64. Hi David,

    I literally finished reading “Gypsy Boy” and was intrigued to go on a google search to find out more! After coming across this blog I was compelled to contact you on here. I am by no means a writer or great at putting pen to paper however the way you worded these blogs were outstanding, personal and heartfelt. I too have gone through some pretty bad relationships in my time and almost felt sorry for the author of these books upon reading them. I’m so glad you wrote your truth down in words as this is a better, more in depth truthful read! I feel somewhat cheated after feeling emotionally involved in “gypsy boy” but can now safely use the book as firewood.

    Thank you again for the blog.

    1. Hello Marc,

      Thank you for reading, for taking the time to comment as so very kindly as you have and thank you for complimenting my writing. It is what it is and I have moved on but one thing will always remain the same – the fact that truth resonates !!

      Light and LOVE



  65. I just spent the last 2 hours reading every comment and reply, and i’m heart broken with what mark has done, not only to you but his family and the people he wrote about in his books. I’m so happy that you wrote your side, and posted the lie test results.

    1. Hello Mike,

      I just cringe at having something so negative housed on my blog, because that is just not my vibe at all – but I feel that it was important to write with a vindicated rationale, not only for myself but for others and I will always stand by it.

      Thank you for the comment.


  66. Wow, what an astonishing beautifully written blog, you are an amazingly talented writer and I found it captivating,devastatingly honest and I felt every word. I’m so proud of you x

  67. I read the first book when it was originally published. .. I bought the second from Amazon last week. I also thought the second book whirled along at speed… His marriage was only two pages if that…. The tone of the books were that he wanted someone to love & spend his life with & it wasn’t covered in any depth.

    I also found your blog by ‘digging’ for information. .. I’m so sorry that you had to go through this horrible time. I fell out with my ‘best friends’ a couple of years ago & without going into the (boring) details I cannot believe how situations have been twisted & I still hear ‘things’ about myself now through the grapevine that are both hurtful & laughable.

    Your writing is lovely & you are very gracious. It was a pleasure reading your account, but also sad that you had to endure it & see the lies printed in Black & White.

    Take care of yourself & your partner, Merry Christmas x

  68. What a fool I feel now! I recently finished a wonderful auto of a special sportsman and raved about it. The sadness and the strength in the book is awesome. A friend suggested ‘Gypsy boy’ I read it without any knowledge of history or author…..felt so sad for ‘Mikey Walsh’ and relieved at his success…..Duped…I am so angry… thank you for sharing…Film? I don’t think so. I wish you well .

    1. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment, Sharon.

      I hope that you don’t feel so duped today – it is just a story after all and taking it at face value, in no way makes you a fool.



  69. I sent this message to David directly but was responded with a message from his assistant that it would not be forwarded to him. Disappointing. Below is the message I have for David.

    ” I read your blog posts regarding your relationship with Mark Stevens (Mikey Walsh). They were lengthy and beautifully written, I must say. Yet, I find it hard to express in words how deeply disappointed I am in you. You played a major role in the destruction of this man’s life. And for you to speak of him the way you did saddens me. You are a manipulator. You preyed on a weak and pathetic man and you used him to supplement your own desires. And then you outed him publically, using his own name and images of him. I do not think that was right in any context and is in poor taste, especially as a writer yourself. You of all people should know that outing this man and publicly embarrassing him simply to gain publicity is very disappointing and very wrong. I agree that perhaps Mark made terrible mistakes in your relationship, and I don’t pretend to know the whole story in regards to you and his relationship, but speaking of him as you did truly disappoints me. You say that you want good things for him, yet I fail to see how you speaking of him with such malice could do anything but harm. He has been through some shit, and yes he did speak of you in his book. But at least he had the decency to keep your identity hidden. Referring to the man that you loved as “The Gypsy” is so hurtful not only to him, but to people that share his culture. You are a smart man, David. But obviously you didn’t take into account the risks you take by publicly bashing a fellow writer. It could blow up in your face completely. I don’t expect you to respond to this message, but I wish I could hear a response from you in regards to what I said. Thank you for listening and best regards to you. I wish you the best in all you do.”

    1. Hi Matthew,

      My website is for creative enquiries only and it is not a platform to offer debate about a blog post I wrote in 2011.

      I am sorry that you feel disappointed in me but I do find this difficult to understand, as you do not know me personally, or no doubt – any of those involved but sure, people are always entitled to their own opinion, that is what free speech is about and I will always allow free speech here.

      However, I would urge caution – not to speculate and make assumptions, as this obviously leads to the incorrect conclusions, confusion and a disjointed view which echoes through your post, which I have to say I do not fully understand because, reading it, one would assume that you haven’t read the blog properly.

      Like I say, I wrote the blog in 2011, it was about an issue that effected me very personally but I have moved on, as I am sure all involved have…

      Once again, thank you for your comment .


      1. I just feel that the entire premise of your blog post was to tarnish Mark Stevens. And that, I feel, is in bad taste. Perhaps I’m wrong?

        My question is….how could I believe a word you say when you seem to have such hurtful intentions. Mark’s intentions when writing his book, I feel, were to inspire those who read it. Yet I feel yours differ so greatly. THAT is why I am disappointed. I gathered such inspiration from “Gypsy Boy” and now I’m confused and heart broken. Many who read it, myself included, felt inspired with the message present in the book: that when life sucks, perhaps things will get better. Now the book that helped me come to terms with many personal struggles in my life is being called a lie and untrue by you and many of the other people who commented on your post. That is why I felt the need to contact you…perhaps to clear the air. Perhaps I’m utterly wrong in my post….and perhaps your intentions were completely noble. Yet how could they be? By posting confidential documents online? By calling him “The Gypsy” instead of his name? That seems, to me, that your only intentions are to destroy a book, and a man, that so many drew inspiration from.

        When you say ” you do not know me personally, or no doubt – any of those involved” that is absolutely true. And I didn’t intend to make any assumptions (I thought I made that clear in my original post).

        Now I’m here….sad and disappointed. I don’t know who or what to believe because I feel like any truth is buried deep beneath a mix of emotions that seem to still haunt those involved.

        I appreciate your response to my comment. Yet my disappointment remains.

      2. Dear Matthew,

        I will address the points that you have raised in your last comment because I can empathise with why (how) you feel let down, and disappointed – but I am not obligated to carry this on, and neither do I have the time – so this is the final response you will receive from me.

        “The book that helped me come to terms with many personal struggles in my life is being called a lie and untrue by you, and many of the other people who commented on your post”.

        I feel sad Matthew that his work would let people down in this way but I am not the one that you ought to be disappointed with. If it inspired you – it inspired you. Thats good. Keep those feelings and move on to other literature. Many people have been supportive on here you’re right – and by saying that, it seems that you sense that the facts written here in this blog, speak for themselves.

        I will be blunt and say that it does not matter to me, if you believe a word I have said, or not. I took a stand against something that cut to the heart of my personal life and yet I carried no malice through the article at all… rather I told the truth as it stands from someone who hasn’t merely read a book and projected a mental picture upon it, but as someone who was there… whose reality it mentions, alters and plays around with in deep and relentless nuances, and so ‘tarnishing’ someone’s work, and character was not my motivation.

        If you read my blog and its comments in an objective and emotionally unclouded way, you will see what many people before you have concluded and felt by themselves. No malice, just a mirror held up to a fallacy, and, by the way – calling him The Gypsy is in no way derogatory. His book itself is called Gypsy Boy, and what of the musical, The Gypsy, the Frank Sinatra song, The Gypsy etc? I was not the person who ‘outed’ his name on here… others did that.

        Anyway, malice to me would perhaps be found in calling someone Frankenstein, lying about arson and the mental health condition of an ex-partner, that would be malice – most particularly when it wasn’t true but penned out of some childish, vengeful coverconfident and spiteful vainglory – but if it is easier for you to view me as someone who is in the wrong, and full of this malice, someone who simply wants to set about tarnishing this persona and character, then that would be none of my business.

        For the record, it most certainly is not what I am about.

        I think that anyone taking a brief look into me, and my on-line presence, would confirm to themselves – that I am a positive, creative person, coming from a stable and settled place. I am not a writer as you have presumed, but a ordinary person. I do not need this negativity, and it is quite simply not my style, but how you choose to process the information I have given here, (which has jarred so deeply with the positive effect that his work has had on you), is entirely up to you. I understand why you would feel this way, and this is why I have given you my time here.

        I will finish by saying that those ‘confidential documents’ were given to me by members of his family who had requested that I include them in this blog post – but you do not have to believe me, or believe them, you don’t have to believe anything. I wouldn’t ask it and it would make no difference to my life one way or the other, what you believe.

        My blog about him is housed here to offer something for people to take, or dismiss. I don’t want my work connected to this and I don’t want my art connected to this awful episode either because I do not dwell in negativity and I wrote it years ago, I no longer care BUT I will always house it here and readers of his work and whoever finds this blog post should take note — They are spectators to a reality that I have personally lived through, and so no matter how let down they feel because they have read a book that isn’t totally true, I cannot and will not be daunted, shaken or apologetic when the facts and reality they have ‘read’ and projected upon is a distorted reality that I lived though and I will stand up for this truth, if and when challenged, until I no longer draw breath.

        I hope I have addressed enough of the points that you have raised, I am sorry that you have been effected by this and I hope that you process your disappointment into something productive, life is full of half truths white lies and duality, stay in the light, stay inspired – what you felt was real, it effected you – don’t let that be tarnished, its only a book after all. A story.

        All the best to you on your path.

        David x

  70. Dear David,

    As they say.. there are two sides to every coin. Especially with romantic relationships. ‘Mikey’s’ [Gypsy Boy] book was quite the read and so was this blog. I will admit- to entertain the idea that some of the events he described were made up or far-fetched, is saddening. At this point, I guess it’s the readers decision to accept the story as either fact or fiction.

    I’m interested in reading the sequel to the [Gypsy Boy] biography, but based on your recollection of events, I’m not sure how [On The Run] will impact me. I knew nothing about the author prior to reading the first book. This added to the mystery and made it that much better for me. And with any Biography – I always question whether or not it’s completely accurate or stretched for show. It’s unfortunate you say your name was, in a way, slandered. Either way, you gave me a different perspective on the “Gypsy Boy’s” story. Thank you for the POV.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Dear Abner,

      Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment.

      Yes, you’re right and memoir writing IS a point of view, from memory – so I’m quite certain that all of us are guilty, to some length or another, of allowing those memories to give into and away to a touch of romanticism. Like a tired old anecdote told at countless dinner parties, which alters and changes slightly, and we all know one or two of those types – but outright invention, fabrication and the stealth of other people anecdotes, is entirely another matter.

      Anyway, I am a broken record – Do read the second book, forearmed with this insight. It would be interesting to hear how that impacts upon you, as in my opinion this is where it all falls down. You’ll see for yourself, I am quite certain of that.

      Best wishes and thank you once again,


  71. Hi David,
    I’m nearly finished with “Gypsy Boy” and like many people posted before me, I had questions about its validity. It seemed to hit on all the negative stereotypes of Roma people. I could believe some. But not all. Thank you for clearing it up for me and for the well written blog entries and responses to the previous posts. If Mark had made his book a fiction, I would have thought it to be racist propaganda. I have his next book on order and will definitely keep your blog in mind. So sorry that he maligned you in it as he did the Romany in the first book.

    1. Dear Robin,

      Thank you for taking time out to read and comment on my blog and for the compliment about my writing, most appreciated. Do feel free to come here and share your thoughts once you have read the second book, as I am quite sure that your objective opinion would be most interesting to followers of this post.

      Thank you once again.


  72. Wow.

    I read the original book when it first came out and passed it to my mum (my maternal side of the family are romany).

    My mum recently read the follow up book and passed it to me. I’m about 4 chapters in and (lo and behold) thought I’d do some research.

    I started reading your blog somewhere near the end and got a completely different feel of it than when I went all the way to the beginning and read from beginning to end.

    I don’t want it to be true that the books are a con, but I have to say your blog rings true. And eerily reminds me of my past long term relationship with a wannabe dejay, his alter ego, his desire to document his entire (fabricated) Life and his treatment of me. He was another one who ‘performed’ whenever he met anyone new who would listen. In the end I think he hated me because he knew I saw through him. Still alot of people believe his version of events with regards our relationship. The sad thing is I ended up in a women’s refuge.

    All I can say is my mind has been blown by your blog.

    I wish you well.


    And I’ve just realised I have the same initials as the authors pseudonym how funny

    1. Thank you, for reading and seeing the truth… that’s a great thing. I’m sorry that you too have had a similar experience. These people ultimately teach us a really valuable lesson. Transcend it. Good things x

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