A Photographic Retrospective

Using some of my favourite images and video footage, I have created a retrospective film because I feel it is important to document my progression as a photographer and it has been both a cathartic process and a valuable learning curve. Click on the images below to view my video…

David V Barron

Equally important, I feel, is to document the narrative and circumstance behind the images and so I have also created a book. It is my second book and I intend to make one every year as I progress, develop and push myself further.

Retrospect 015

It would be a pretentious lie to say that all of this content just happened without the difficulties, darkness and the politics that come with the human condition but I am immensely proud of what I have managed to create so far and actually, I have only just begun.

Retrospect 030
A self portrait

Retrospect 027

I work against many limitations, from available finances, to the short-sightedness of other people, to the material and the equipment I have to play with and as a result I am often creating something out of nothing with miniscule budgets… but I am learning and I am growing all of the time.

Retrospect 035
Retrospect 047
Natasha Hamilton, Armand Beasley and a silhouette of myself looking on

Retrospect 042

I have received no professional advice, no formal training or qualifications but what I create comes from my heart, from a raw truth that draws upon the universal language and narrative of ART and the grand architecture of life… Art is in my veins… Art is leading me, guiding me to where I need to be.

Retrospect 068
Circles, Triangles and sacred geometry lead me

Retrospect 071

Currently, I look at my work as technically inferior and amateur in the face of my true aspirations but one day I WILL create wonder because I have mastered the art of patience, of faith and of manifesting that which we imagine into our reality, through our thoughts, our feelings and our actions.

By erasing negativity and replacing darkness with light, ART and LOVE through personal expression, individuality and the search for understanding, we can all access contentment.

– David V Barron Xxx

Retrospect 064 Retrospect 061 Retrospect 058 Retrospect 054 Retrospect 052

Retrospect 074
My man