Fabian Perez : Artist

Fabian Perez

Fabian Perez, born in Buenos Aires, resides in Los Angeles and is widely admired for his paintings of exotic and sensual scenes and portraits. In 2009 Perez was named the official artist of the 10th annual Latin Grammy Awards and the figurative artwork of Fabian Perez captures personal memories of his Latin youth and the nightlife he observed whilst growing up with originality and drama.

Fabian Perez

His work is so exquisite, that it is immediately arresting. So I was honoured to photograph him again, as he returned to Lancashire.  He was visiting once again with an exhibition that featured a large number of original paintings and limited edition prints and it provided an opportunity for collectors to meet with Fabian, who is also one of the official artists of the 2012 Olympics.

Fabian Perez and David V Barron
Fabian Perez and David V Barron
IMG_6331 IMG_6403 IMG_7152 IMG_7238 IMG_7285 IMG_7423 IMG_7427 IMG_7456 IMG_7539 IMG_7529 IMG_7365 IMG_6017 17 7 3

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