L O V E R (Music Video)

L o ‘V’ e r

Sara Beverly Jones

Sitting here staring at a blank page, I do feel quite justified in allowing my mind to drift. To daydream about the past. About popular culture in the 1980’s, and about my childhood. Because writing this entry for a project I have just completed, means so very much to me personally, that I have to be mindful of keeping to the point and showcasing my new project for Jane Badler, (singer and actress know for her portrayal of Diana in the Sci-Fi series V); but please indulge me, and allow for me to say – that if by some marvel of quantum mechanics, it was possible to travel back in time. Then I would surely pay my “V” obsessed adolescent self, a revelatory visit.

 I didn’t know right there, in the middle of the 1980’s what it was that was ‘wrong’ with me but I was clearly different because other boys didn’t use their Sinclair ZX Spectrum Light Gun to run around corridors in the uninhibited throws of believing that they were Diana on-board a mother-ship, and neither did other boys pout after each cleverly delivered verbal put-down.

Oh how perplexing it was.“You’re nothing but a big girl’s blouse,” my granny would say in half veiled disgust and bewilderment – but what I had learned quickly; is that a boy, who put one hand upon his hip to retort to abuse with a quote from his favourite villainous alien Diana, got a swift punch in the stomach.

Diana Jane Badler shoots John V The Final Battle
V: The Final Battle
Jane Badler
Jane Badler as Diana

Certain late night TV programming in the 1980’s might have been brilliantly fantastical for children of a certain persuasion, (think Fallon being abducted by a UFO in The Colby’s to be dropped off again in Dynasty) but for a boy to openly and enthusiastically encourage other boys next day at school to re-enact Diana’s cat fighting with Lydia in their skin tight jumpsuits and massive perms, well it seemed somehow offensive and alarming to everyone around me, and it was one of the first times that I became aware that perhaps my natural spontaneity wasn’t for everyone.

Oh and how very dull I thought those in my immediate world to be, and how insular and imaginative I became as a result… It would be because of this, that in my quantum time travel, I would present to my young self, my very real new project for the actress that played Diana so well, and I would tell that misunderstood boy something that he wouldn’t have been able to believe…

‘Keep on being that big girl’s blouse David, because they will not win. Being a misfit is a gift and your enthusiasm and creative sensibility will never be dampened by their negativity – always hold the talisman of “V” close to your heart and mind, for it will prove to symbolise a lamp that guides your feet, to a victory over your personal struggles, conflict and pains, to a lucid freedom of expression, creativity and enlightenment.’

With love from – Your older SELF’

Aged 7 - 1985
Aged 7 – 1985
Kenny Johnson to David V Barron
Kenny Johnson, writer and producer of ‘V’ to David V Barron

I suppose my rather romanticised point is this –

The positivity, focus and awareness which we put into our individual lives, and how we process what happens to us, to filter that for the lesson, for the gift – it is a constant development and evolution which can open gates of knowing and experience as we grow, learn and evolve; As one admires, so can one attract – and when we operate from a truth vibration, that is to say our natural state, a core which never veers against the grain – then we will attract a karma that is compatible, relevant and tangible.

Jane Badler's L o V e r
can the eye see itself?

Those people, who persecute, abuse, who scorn, those who take, drain and empty us – they will eventually become the making of us, because dark and light is the dynamic friction on which the duality of nature spins its wheel of constant motion and evolution… and whether we choose to lead with love or fear, awareness or ignorance, it is a choice that only the individual can make, and it is now, having made that point resonant, that I can talk about my project for Jane.

It is a project that has been very close to me, to my creative DNA and whilst I have filtered throughout my work for Jane, depth, reference, nuance and meaning – it really ought to be left entirely up to the viewer to interpret the work, but the overriding symbolism that I will highlight, is of the Duality of nature. Cause and effect. Dark and light. Spirit and matter.

Visualising to achieve ones hearts desire, but never quite being able to predict how that intent might manifest.

Jane Badler’s L o V e r

Jane Badler's L o V e r

Jane Badler's L o V e r  CREDITS
So… man it was good to get that off my chest !

When Jane approached me, to collaborate – of course it was a dream come true, for all of the above and a myriad of other reasons but I am developing as an artist, so the project had to fit, feel right and be organic… but most of all we both wanted to have some fun with it.

I can’t force anything, ever, but after a brief discussion it was clear that we were both in absolute synergy, and I knew which track I wanted to work on right away – from her album Opus, the track was LoVer. Melodic, multi-layered and beautiful, its sound was already creating my vision.

Incidentally, fitting metaphorically with my primary theme of Duality, Jane lives in Australia and I England, and so being poles apart meant that she wasn’t able to actually be in my video this time round, and so the hunt was on for a leading lady that had all the elements of Jane Badler that have made her such a much loved and cult vamp…

Some beautiful girls applied, and absolutely I am grateful to each and every one of them, but I couldn’t see Jane in those people. She had to be more than young, than beautiful and brunette, she had to possess an edge… to be able to convey the emotions I needed whilst maintaining a Jane Badleresque posturing. Tall order, right?

It took many weeks, of this searching, being rejected and of having to reject applicants myself, but I dared to wait, to dream, and eventually, all the while hidden in plain sight through a friend – the perfect casting !

Beauty pageant winning, actress, presenter and model Sara Beverly Jones.

Sara Beverley Jones

Jane Badler's Lover

Sara Beverly Jones

Sara Beverly Jones

Sara Beverley Jones and David V Barron

Next up was to tighten my concept, source props, and find a location, which I did find a joy, mixing a lot of pleasure with a lot of business and it is easy to visualise a concept when I am absorbed in, and LOVE, the music.

It needed a leitmotif that worked across many layers, it had to be sumptuous, it had to test me technically, so lighting was a major factor and of course I needed to have two convincing lovers to steep in a symbolic narrative that illustrates and plays on Jane’s lyrics…

and if Jane couldn’t BE in it, then Jane would definitely have to be present in spirit, feel and vibrancy.

Concept Design

Make-up was not an issue and I am very flattered that my friend, the brilliant celebrity make-up artist Armand Beasley (who always gets my vision), wanted to be on board straight away. We have worked together on a number of occasions but most notable was our previous shoot with singer and media personality Natasha Hamilton.

He is quite frankly, a class act ! So grateful to him.

Jane Badler's Lover

Armand Beasley and Sara Beverly Jones
Armand Beasley and Sara Beverly Jones
Armand Beasley and Sara Beverly Jones
Armand Beasley and Sara Beverly Jones

Wardrobe too was not a problem, as it has been in the past and was provided by my friend, the Liverpool based designer Mark Melia Fashions A very talented and genuine man, I cannot thank him enough for his kindness, on this, our second project together.

Daniel Burke

Daniel Burke

David Barron and Daniel Burke
David Barron and Daniel Burke


My leading man was always, in my mind, going to be Daniel Burke.

A personal trainer and international body-building champion of natural fitness, his ever changing physique means he always brings a new look and vibe to set, and he was one chilled out man after his recent return from Miami with another prestigious first place award.

Sara Beverly Jones and Daniel Burke
Sara Beverly Jones and Daniel Burke
Sara Beverly Jones and Daniel Burke
Sara Beverly Jones and Daniel Burke

Like I have said previously, the overriding theme is that of duality, which is in itself a unity and I do not want to go into too much detail about the video, because I think the viewer can interpret the work in the way that suites their own perspective.

I would like to thank Jane for trusting me, and everyone on board for their hard hard work. It was a brilliant shoot and we all made a great team…

Thank you for reading !

Much LIGHT and L O V E


Jane Badler's L o V e r Jane Badler's L o V e r Jane Badler's L o V e r

Sara Beverly Jones and Daniel Burke
Sara Beverly Jones and Daniel Burke
Sara Beverly Jones and Daniel Burke
Sara Beverly Jones and Daniel Burke
Sara Beverly Jones and Daniel Burke
Sara Beverly Jones and Daniel Burke
Sara Beverly Jones and Daniel Burke
Sara Beverly Jones and Daniel Burke

Jane Badler's L o V e r

Sara Beverly Jones and Daniel Burke
Sara Beverly Jones and Daniel Burke
Sara Beverly Jones and Daniel Burke
Sara Beverly Jones and Daniel Burke
Sara Beverly Jones
can the eye see itself?
Sara Beverly Jones and Daniel Burke
Sara Beverly Jones and Daniel Burke
Sara Beverly Jones and Daniel Burke
Sara Beverly Jones and Daniel Burke


L o V e r | Short Edit from D A V I D on Vimeo.


  1. giano

    Great post, David!
    It’s really amazing, and it really touches our hearts!
    Love your quantum journey back to your past, looking at your seven year old self, through the look of awareness, enriched by all that you lived since then to know, by all the experiences that molded you.
    Those beautiful words, boosting him to hold on to his true self, telling him not to give up his enthusiasm and creativity, not to surrender to the scorn of the boys who bulled him for playing his beloved Diana, not to give in to Granny’s discouraging words.
    That is really moving! Powerfully moving!
    And that swing between past and present, light and darkness, right and wrong, England and Australia…
    The idea that all that happens in our lives, everything, from the brightest to the darkest, make us who we are. Everything is an evolution, and the steps we walk on, be them black or white, will take us higher and higher, on the stairs of life.
    The way you described your choices for actors, location and costumes is great: a few brush strokes, that are a beautiful homage to your team, and raise the curiosity in all of us 🙂
    Think you did it right to unveil so little of the meanings of the video: your art will speak to everyone in a different way. And it would be amazing to hear them all, once the video will be out!
    A wonderful way to end this year, dearest brother!
    We are so infinitely happy that that boy never gave up! Somehow, it’s as if he had heard those boosting, loving words from the future, whispered through a wormhole, coming right to his ears and heart.
    Looking forward to seeing your amazing video for one of the most beautiful songs of Jane Badler’s jewel Opus!

  2. Jenn Ellis

    Congratulations on this latest project of yours Dave. I can’t wait to see the video. The above stills look exciting, sensual and decadent, together with Jane Badler’s music I’m sure it will be a scrumptious feast for our senses. Sending you lots of love my talented friend. Hugs Jenn xxxxx

  3. Michael Minogue

    Brilliant David, you are an inspiration and so talented. You have belief in yourself and look at what you have achieved. I look forward with anticipation of seeing this great video. Congratulations

  4. Linda Rivera

    An amazing metamorphosis beginning from a childhood spark of recognition which transforms into a manifested dream. David’s work is perfection, he comes from a place of self questioning and authenticity, which is clearly reflected in any project he takes on.

    David is a class act and I can’t wait to see the release of this phenomenal labor of love.

  5. Claire

    I LOVE your natural spontaneity, your graceful flamboyance, fantastic sense of humour and amazing eye for art and creativity!! This is, once again, a fabulous project David. Cant wait to see the vid. The pictures are gorgeous, perfection. I feel privalaged to read some of the personal effects that you add into each project blog. Don’t ever change ❤❤❤❤❤ love ya!!

  6. Victoria Baldwin

    ‘Being a misfit is a gift’ I love that quote David, this is typical of your eloquence and so very true. I LOVE reading about your adventures and work. You are a true talent & a beautiful soul, I am proud to be your friend.. And I have to add Jane looks incredible. Lo’V’e to you. X

  7. Michael Minogue

    What a great talent you are David. You are an inspiration, so don’t you EVER doubt yourself. What a wonderful opportunity. That in itself speaks highly to the person you are. I see in you a person that is dynamic and inspiring but so caring and humble, with a wonderful soul. I am priviliged to call you my friend…my pommy friend!!!!! Peace V xxx Just hanging to see the hard work now!!

  8. Jim

    I’m proud of you David. Congratulations with all your continuing achievements. You deserve them through all your hard work and dedication.

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