I flew to fabulous Milan to meet up with two very private, but extra special friends, The @Giano Sisters. Both of whom have supported, nurtured and encouraged my creativity from its very basic and humble start. As ever, I took my long suffering other half (not really) along for the trip… and he delighted me by, willingly, allowing me to film him for the first time…


My last post here, was a comprehensive and exhausting documentary film I had made about my struggles with creativity, Parallax – in which I documented why I was leaving photography behind to concentrate on other projects, and as much as I have done that, I wasn’t to know that as light slowly dawned back into my world, I would come to realize that creativity is not something that can be picked up, and put back down again.


Creativity is an inner voice, a drive straight out of the unknown, and a process as natural as breathing. So rather, what I was saying goodbye to in that film was the pressure to forge a ‘career’ out of creativity, and the pressure to make money which results from that… and THAT is a drive I can easily leave behind… all I care about is my path toward truth, resonance and light.

David V Barron

 Since Parallax, and letting go of those pressures, I began to sound and resonate clearer with that which was around me, in fact, in letting go of those pressures, my creative lifestyle flourished, and this short Milan video carries a great deal of depth, weight and meaning for myself and those around me and my week in magical Milano turned out to be a blessing that I hadn’t seen coming. Alongside learning (the hard way) that Italians do not use a spoon to aid spaghetti consumption, that it is sacrilege to slice pasta with a knife or enter a church wearing a hat, it was completely soul nourishing, re-balancing and excitingly, full of L I G H T…

David V Barron
David V Barron

It whispered, so knowingly – such ideas, inspirations and reassurances, that I am now happily engaged in producing another documentary film about the creative process called ‘JANUS’. Out of which will come a music video, entitled ‘Gone Beyond’… and to that end I am working tightly with my brother from another Isaiah, who very generously let me loose within his musical archives. He is also creating the soundtrack to my film, which is very exciting for me and with his huge talent, ability and sensibility we are resonating perfectly… ART for the LOVE of art, nothing more.

I hope you like our marriage of sound and vision – More to come soon !


By David V Barron



  1. Michael Minogue

    Always a pleasure to read about your wonderful and interesting life, David. I look forward to seeing and reading more. Cheers Mike xx

  2. giano

    You said ‘Creativity is an inner voice, a drive straight out of the unknown, and a process as natural as breathing.’
    We think that your Grandfather, like a modern Prometheus, gave that fire to you, and that your soul had in itself the fuel to keep it burning.
    And when it seems that it is fading away, it actually keeps smouldering, ready to set its flame high, when the breeze of inspiration breathes on it.
    We think that it is amazing that you found such a live air in Milan, that inspired you for your new film!
    We can see it in your beautiful video, Milano. Together with some stunning glimpses of the city, represented by some of your refined paintbrush strokes, there are already many sprouts of what it will be, many symbols, pervading the narration of your days in Milan. We loved the way you start your journey through your personal experience, like the beautiful image of you watching with your binoculars, from your window, through space and time, to join your friends, virtually and in the flesh, to merge it with powerful symbols like the magnificent spiral in the Monumental Cemetery, or the Horus-headed dummy in a shop window, to let foresee something deeper and beyond.
    Thank you, David, for taking us by the hands, and let us join you through this small tract of the path of our lives. Thank you to Stuart, for being such a sweet buddy traveler, too. And a big thank you also to Jane Badler, so lovely to take a virtual walk on the same road with all of us.

  3. David V Barron

    Milan was just so special, and perhaps the weather wasn’t willing to shine upon us, but that is superficial to a meaningful, spiritual and inspiring connection, and absolutely I cherished every moment (between recovering from that huge beer) that we shared… it was a grounding, humbling, rejuvenating and calming affair after the testing turmoil that I have been through.

    It was exactly what I needed, and I liken many of its aspects to that moment of grandpas rays of light, in Parallax… the hidden hand indeed guides on ahead and how beautiful to liken it to Prometheus.

    Thank you so much for everything – words, are simply not enough !

    XXXX ❤

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