1. ‘It takes more courage to examine the dark corners of your own soul than it does for a soldier to fight on a battlefield’
    These words by William Butler Yeats came to our minds, about you, David.
    We do think you have that courage.
    To dig deep into your soul and take us through the path of the journey of your past couple of years, and introduce us to the different kinds of people you met, focusing mainly on those you met on the waves on the Internet, through the wires on the web.
    The ones who brought negativity, the ones who tried to change you, the ones who wanted to save you from danger, that was really only in their minds, the ones who used and abused you, also the one you thought was close to you, and who betrays you.
    But also the ones you tried to get out of your life, maybe misunderstanding their feelings, in your darkest days, and to whom you offer your apologies. Think it is never so easy to say you are sorry.
    And also the bunch of people that are still your friends. Who sailed through those wild waves with you, and never left the ship.
    You are talking to each of them. You are opening your soul. And they know who they are.
    And at the same time, through this dialogue with them, that is also an inner dialogue, you make us dig into the complexity of ‘virtual’ relationships.
    Sometimes they suddenly come to life, seem to grow roots, but dissolve the same way, in a blink of an eye.
    Not a word. Not a question. Just the far sound of a click.
    So much different from relationships in the flesh.
    They are faster, they can reach us from the other side of the world, they can be less involving, they require just a click to come, and a click to go.
    As Zygmunt Bauman said, we are living in a liquid world: bonds are loose, and everything flows faster.
    But we think that is not worse, not better. That depends just on us.
    We just need the courage to look at ourselves and, whatever we decide to do, always stick to our integrity and honesty, first to us. That’s what you said, what you have always struggled for, what made you what you are now, as an artist and as a man, and we agree perfectly, that this must be the light that leads us throughout our lives. The more we are able to look into our darkest corners, the clearer they get. Till your soul becomes crystal clear. And we know you are already there, bro!

  2. Giano…what you wrote is exquisite beyond words. You see David’s process with complete clarity. I never thought of cyber relationships in that way…..a click away or the sudden loss of a click..I wasted a whole week of suffering because of a far away final click..for what?

    I am so lucky that I I found my cyber clique. 🙂

    David, your sweet words only confirm that we are kindred spirits and so fortunate to meet out here in the land of wifi….I was with you as you navigated the wild waves of betrayal, you transmuted that energy through creativity and raw self-reflection…who knew the light would come pouring in? Your experiences seem to have given you a whole new path as a writer..keep writing, you have a real talent.

    besos mi amor

    1. Thank you both so much guys, Linda and David. We feel so lucky that one day, one of those clicks brought us to meet you, David, along the path of our lives, and that ‘virtual’ became more real and concrete, day by day. Sharing thoughts, helping one another, living the highest and the lowest moments. With the right words, at the right time, and the silences, when needed.
      As we said, it is up to us to make those clicks ‘thicker’, and to fill them with significance, and that way find someone who will be our eyes, our hands, our hearts, and help us accomplish the bigger picture of life.

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