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Welcome people, to my personal online space. I am David.

David V Barron
David V Barron

I’ll keep it as chill as possible because I am in a pretty mellow groove. My site sure has evolved over the years, and as a person who uses the internet to connect with people in a candid and natural manner (as I would in life) I have met a broad range of folk who have altered the course of my life. You could be the next person to cause some flux, these things happen, and perhaps I could even inspire you too?

So let’s dig a little deeper…

Originally created in 2011 as a way of housing a written response to forces cycling back to me through cyberspace from the depth of decades past. I then began to use my new space to move away from that and to house my tentative steps into amateur photography. I was a complete neophyte in all areas, a regular guy working 9-5 in a sleepy Lancashire town and happily settled into my long term relationship. Yet a pace that took my attention quickly began to accelerate online. This is an interesting and important point to understand if you are truly to believe people when they tell you that the universe always supports OUR beliefs, that our thoughts and intentions carry a power that can be pre-empted and directed. Then, I think, understanding the breeze that was behind my sails, might prove that point to you further.

So let’s consider it… energy flows where attention goes…

With a new platform and very little content, I drew upon the will of my own unskilled mind, and tried and tested and developed organically as an entirely autodidactic artist. I filmed and photographed a minor pop singing celebrity based on her self-produced track Gypsy, and those processes opened gates for me which revealed a new drive, determination and an understanding of my own abilities. It stopped me from coasting through my quiet life, and it gave me my first experience of the emotion, ambition.

My site, my work, and my personality then opened doors. Opening new possibilities to develop, grow and get closer to particular dreams. I wrote, cast, directed, filmed and edited a music video for the actress Jane Badler who played my 1980’s childhood TV obsession, Diana, in “V” The Series, I was introduced to my lifelong idol, Dame Joan Collins, and I shot and edited an entirely rudimentary documentary on an internet friend who had become very close to me in my physical reality. The aristocratic brewing heiress, Daphne Guinness – profiling a few aspects of the fascinating human being lying behind such an iconic figure of influence in the worlds of fashion, art, and style.

You would be forgiven for thinking that those are strikingly gay dreams, but they meant a magnitude to me – as your own personal desires will matter to you. I just use those examples because they illustrate the undulating power that our internet content can cast out into the world. I have had three female idols in my life, and I personally connected to each of them within five years of my site being online, and all I had to do was imagine it.

I brought all of that about and much more besides, from nothing – unskilled, undereducated, lacking technicalities and with basic equipment. The only important factor was the processes of the mind. My sensibilities, emotions, and meditations produced a quality in my content that resonated positively with people, and that energy responded to me in sympathetic kind. It is the process of manifestation, of instructing the universe with your desires. We have incredible powers of focus and intent at our disposal, and as a daily routine, we can put it to use on both the mundane and the extraordinary.

Through the power of our own minds, and our longings. Through the collective consciousness of cyberspace and the creativity of our own purest self-reflections – we can cast out into an interconnected reality, the specific intent of our personal hopes and dreams. Through meditations, the narrative of symbolism, synchronicity, and belief. It is the process of manifestation, of instructing the universe and its endless cycles with your intent, by using all of our senses, our perceptions, and our aligned vibrations. You have to forget about time as you know it and free your mind. You have to believe that you’re receiving and emitting energy at all times, and conjure up the focus that is your truest desire, and then breathe as it ventures out to find its kind. We have the power to build our own lives, and we can do that with love consciousness – or whatever you want to name it. It is faith in a God, ultimately – but without the man-made baggage. Letting go of energy that is detrimental, an energy that drags us down, causing us to lose ourselves in the inverted cycles of fear, unworthiness, and self-doubt – which in turn respond accordingly and manifest less positively. The duality is always revolving, and balancing that at our center is our own responsibility.

So, yes my site is five years old. It has been an astonishing ride that brought into clear focus, an understanding of how past, present, and future interact with the reality of our current moment. The echoes of why I set this site up in the first place resides in my rear view mirror, and to which I have nothing but peace and gratitude for. My friends, it is a great feeling to learn and to forgive the past, and the people who we know wronged us. It frees us from cycles of thought that only imprison our own happiness and freedoms. I know because I have felt the dark too, but I have learned so much that is valuable and relatable that I have now found the confidence to change gear. To air my internet voice much more often, which (you might read here) hasn’t been easy, but now it is time for words to take over from images and soundbites here on my site – it’s time to delve deep into the subconscious pool, to weave a living and breathing world into existence for other people to consume in a book that I am writing. I will make myself a neophyte all over again, and step into my next cycle.

My experiences here on this site have given me this whole new path. By thinking (seeing) from our imagined end result (desire), down to our current days – I have known for some time, long before this blog was conceived, how we can manifest our wants and longings into a physical reality. I have a wealth of sharp life examples spanning decades, all connected by visible meanings which I intend to share with any good soul who wishes to read strong clear advice that I believe will work for anyone who wants to hear it. It carries a relatable and universal message. How to make peace with your past, find a lasting love partnership and how to instruct your present moment to attract whatever situation you desire for yourself in the future.

So that’s my about me page!

I hope we clicked my gentle reader. I trust that if you’re still here then we must have the same groove, and if you like getting deep as funk, if you view the world as an at times quite terrifying but wonder-filled place and you are a person who uses the internet to connect with people in a candid and natural manner, as you would in life, then we are all cohorts. So don’t be a passive and faceless stranger – message me on the contact form below, shout at me on twitter, or add me to your Facebook fold.

Who knows what we could do together, that is entirely up to your own imagination – but remember, energy flows where attention goes, and I am switched on to suggestions.