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Through a personal exploration of art, creativity, and cathartic writings, this site allowed me to grow, alter and process my feelings in an open and enthusiastic manner. Pained at times too – but being tested, pushed and lost is sometimes precisely what we need to find ourselves again.

“Fool,” said my Muse to me, “look in thy heart, and write.”

Thank you to everyone connected to my site… you’ve been amazing and have given me the determination, vision, and ambition to steer my direction elsewhere.

*This site is temporarily inactive – you are welcome to email me via the form below

Ciao, for now.



  1. When we read your writings, we have always the feeling to be guided along a journey.
    And we find that you have a great skill in doing that, unveiling things along the path, not revealing anything in advance, but leading the reader to follow the same route, making him grow his awareness, the same way you did.
    And it is that way that we seem to see that young guy moving his first and unsteady steps, starting from photography, discovering and developing his first raw works, coming step by step into touch with a wider reality.
    And then we can see the moment when doors open: Jane Badler, Joan Collins, Daphne Guinness…
    Dreams coming true, through your determination, you strong will, your desire, even with scarce means.
    We also like the way you are able to transcend from your personal experience, to get deeper and deeper into the profound meanings of life, surfing through cyberspace, creativity, energy of the universe, duality…
    And then, like a modern Virgil, you invite people who felt your same vibe, reading your words, to sail with you, to come on board and follow your journey, to get inspired by you, and inspire you, in a mutual and enriching exchange.
    And this will be possible if their way of sailing isn’t a cruise, but a voyage to discover new shores. Not a passive spectator (maybe even a silent judge), but a living actor.
    We are ready to set sail on this new adventure!

  2. One of my most cherished friends. I’m so glad you are feeling positive again. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years, the roller coaster you have been on has been a breath taker and here you are back on top form, still smiling and still as amazingly bloody gorgeous as ever!! I can not wait for your book ❤❤❤ Love ya!!xx

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