Fabian Perez

Fabian Perez, born in Buenos Aires, resides in Los Angeles and is widely admired for his paintings of exotic and sensual scenes and portraits. I have covered his UK tour on two dates – which was smashing.

“As an artist, I have to be changing all the rime. If I put a name with what you do, people will compare you with it. Amid the desire for change, though, there will always be one constant in my paintings: People. People will still be the primary subject matter because I thrive off high lighting their inner spirits” – Fabian Perez

Todd White

In 2011 Todd White was awarded one of the United Kingdom’s most prestigious accolades in the shape of the Diana Princess of Wales Gold Medal, after donating his portrait of the Princess to the Diana Awards charity. Only 11 people to date have been honored with the Award. Todd flew to London to officially receive the award. Following a string of record-breaking shows in the UK, Todd returned to the US to even greater acclaim, and has become one of the worlds most collectable and successful living artists and an Official Artist of the GRAMMYยฎ Awards

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