B R O K E N (Music Video)

‘For each age is a dream that is dying. Or one that is coming to birth.’

Music: ‘BROKEN FINGERS’ From the album KING NINE By Blueneck

Endless thanks to the brilliant Duncan Atwood for publishing permission @ Denovali Records 

Boken By David V Barron
Boken By David V Barron
Boken By David V Barron
Boken By David V Barron


  1. I’m stunned! A few words I can’t say here; **** ! Is one of them. Amazingly beautiful, visually stunning and pierces to the heart. Love your work, love you as a person

  2. Amazing, genius individual whom I am honoured to call a friend. You give light a new meaning, truth new value! ❀ ALWAYS David!

  3. Oh wow. So powerful! I love all your work but the more you go on the more incredible you get. This is very up my street, pure emotion and mood! Look forward to seeing more. Your work always comes from deep inside of you. Never fail to amaze😊xx

  4. No matter how much the mind battles the mind, you must always leave an opening for the light to blaze through. Light always seeps in if you let it. Thank you for this gem, I needed that.

  5. Oh wow again Dave, such a wonderful poignant clip. I loved how you portrayed the melancholy self behind the glass. You are very insightful and sensitive to the darker emotions of the human condition. Well done. Hugs xxxx

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