“I am pretty reclusive. I don’t allow people near me, but David Barron is a true artist, visually very clever and a moving writer. I am honored to know him. He is amazing, and his heart is infinite.”
Daphne Guinness – Artist / Icon
“I have been so lucky to work with David on the music video Lover. Watching my music video exceeded all of my expectations. Not only did he come up with something on an incredibly tight budget – that looks very expensive, lush, beautiful, creative and dynamic – but he worked so hard on it, his passion was incredible and I have been so impressed by him, with his work ethic and with his love of the project and what he achieved.”
Jane Badler – Singer / Actress
“Über talented. My pictures are fantastic, they are some of the best shots I have ever had of myself, so thank you for making me look beautiful David, and you should feel so proud right now for what you have done and achieved.”
Natasha Hamilton – Singer 
“An extremely talented and creative person. A magician.
He draws everyone’s very own special magic out of the hat – and it is an honor to work with him.”
“David is such a beautiful photographer with a sensitive and artistic eye and he made me feel completely at ease “
“David is as creative as he is professional. An absolute delight to work with. He possesses a raw talent that is both refreshing and stimulating. I can’t wait to work again with him!”
“A photographer is able to capture a moment, through the eye of his camera, but an artist to keep it living through his own eyes and David breathes life into his images and one can feel the deep passion he instills in his art.”
Giano D’Angelo – Professor of languages and Arts
“If one man has this gift of being able to reach into the soul of someone, then it is David.”
Daniel Donnelly – Editor / Writer