The Seeds of Stars: Thoughts On Existence

Autumn in England is a wonderful transition. Our bodies, our senses and our innate awareness of the movements of the stars know that the time has come, to enter into the underworld. The Sun is heading farther away from Earth and so the Earth bleeds its autumnal colors in a cycle of life and death, which is played out in this beautiful and magnificent season change.

I am often fighting my congenital laziness but I felt the desire to blog this week. I can only write a blog when my heart is in it. The change in season makes me quite mindful and I have taken many walks, with a big stick and a belly full of beer. I have pondered, wondered and thought my way through crisp leaves, hot toddies and open fires.

โ€œWhy wonder why men can comprehend heaven, when heaven exists in his very being.โ€

The Sun has been magnificent on my walks and I am spellbound by the stars, planets and the moon. I have spent many years studying, reading and devouring anything about the cosmos. From NASA and science, to astrology, astrotheology and religions (both ancient and modern). My thirst for knowledge, for understanding, has always been unquenchable.

What is undeniable is that we exist upon this earth in a constant flux of vibrations, of atoms, particles and molecules. However, there are those that believe that this matter and dense vibration is ruled and affected by the movements of celestial bodies. Just as water on this planet is governed primarily by the gravitational movements of our moon, so too are human beings. Their biology governed by the ebb and flow of the great celestial magnetism and electricity present in the heavenly bodies (We are 75 to 80% water) and just as we are ruled by days, months and years, so too are the heavens.

That that which is above is like that which is below. The pattern in a leaf reflects that of the tree and the quarks of an atom reflect that of the heavens and so on. To this end, we are all one consciousness, born of stars, manifested in a dense reality that is ruled by the Sun, the planets of the solar system, and its seasons but our experience in this realm is subjective.

As Above, So Below by David V Barron

We share with the cosmos the same universal principals of Earth, Air, Fire and Water and the periodic table was not invented, it was discovered. Light resists against cold and therein is the basic principle of life. The Ying / Yang. The Light / The Dark. The Heaven / The Hell. The Summer / The Winter. Matter / Anti-Matter. My conclusions are that NATURE is ALL and that nature found a way to think and observe itself and manifested consciousness into evolution.

The ancients of this world understood the stars and astrology to such an exacting degree of science that great religions were constructed out of this knowledge of astrology. All over the world, monuments such as the interconnected stargazing Giza Pyramids were erected. Great feats of engineering were rolled out in ways that modern man cannot even fathom, yet the history books would have us believe that they were simple souls that worshipped โ€˜Sun Godsโ€™.

The Sun and its energy ARE the omnipresent ruler of all life in this solar system and indeed giver of life here on earth. Symbolically, this can be referred to as Jesus, the Lord Saviour and son of God. God himself being the unimaginable, in the ether beyond the photons and the periodic table of our understanding, beyond that which no man can comprehend.

Everything that happens here on earth is subject to this giver of life and light, The Sun. All religions derive form one fact of life. That all humans have, past and present, worshiped a god – The Sun. We could name him Jesus, or another mythological name found in ancient scriptures, throw in some literal storytelling, terrifying symbolism and moral dogma and you have modern day money making conformist religion. However, I believe that the natural cycles of nature ARE our one true universal religion.

Those man made religions have served to imprison man and brutalise his consciousness. A world divided by fear and war because one side has an opposing belief system or agenda and worships another God under another name. They have also created a commercial system wherein it is fear and control that rule and not the very simple, inherent and natural worship of nature. LOVE.

The story of the Bible is a metaphor for life as we know it here on earth. It is not meant to be taken literally but it is instead, symbolic, of the seasons and of the natural world. It quite literally enslaves fools and enlightens the wise. This duality is something that they will never tell you about. All prominent rulers of religions and heads of religions, they all know who and what they are worshiping – symbolically.

Think Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper‘ with Jesus as The Sun and the 12 signs of the zodiac grouped into their four seasons, as one of a great many examples.

There certainly isnโ€™t a benevolent man in a beard wearing a white cloak casting judgements, when we interpret the Bible in this astrological way. God is the Sun, giver of life. They can name those religions anything they like and people will continue to hurt one another over different beliefs and the world will remain divided and at war but underpinning all of their beliefs will be a God, and that GOD is ALWAYS – The Sun. Giver of life and Light in his many adopted guises, along with his opposed opposite Satan, the lord of the underworld (The planet Saturn, Rules Winter in Astrology). If you do your own research, once you have eliminated the swathes of utter rubbish, you will see that it goes deep into the realms of plausibility. Astotheology.

To scratch the surface of the surface. Astrological circles agree that we have been in the โ€˜Age of Piecesโ€™ for 2,400 years and as our Sun gets closer to the Star Sirius, we will enter the โ€˜Age of Aquariusโ€™, which will take another 2,400 years to pass. This is the date that the ancient Mayans have referenced as the 21st December 2012 and it is likened to the coming of spring for our solar system, as itโ€™s elliptical orbit gets closer to its binary star. (Sirius is debatable – Most popular – Symbolic throughout History)

This cycle is known as the great year and takes the Sun about 25,800 years to go all the way around the celestial equator and cross at the same point again and through all 12 signs of the zodiac. The ages are characterized within the 12 signs of the Zodiac, just as our 12 months are. History has worked hard to write out this astrological knowledge and conceal the beautiful truth of as above so below. If we look at our 24 hour clock, there are roughly 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night, that wax and wane in degrees. They are split into Morning,  Afternoon, Evening and Night. In astrology they are represented as Heaven and Hell (symbolically). Dark and Light. We also share the 12 Zodiac signs as the Great Year (Split into Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter) and they are represented as Heaven and Hell (symbolically).

What they are saying is that our solar system has been in a deep winter for 2,400 years and mankind and his consciousness has receded into the dark world of the โ€˜Iron Ageโ€™ which we have witnessed through the last 2,400 years of low vibrational history. They believe that our consciousness can lift to a new โ€˜Golden Ageโ€™ of consciousness once again. The theory is that our solar system and its celestial journey around another star, waxes and wanes in the expanse of time, so that collective consciousness manifested on earth both advances and diminishes, advances and diminishes in the cycle of the great year, similar to the progression of our own seasons.

So, in the way that a flower welcomes the Sun come springtime, humankind will start to realise (has started) that very little is needed to live a fulfilling and happy life and that he is FREE to a higher degree of cosmic awareness and oneness with GOD. The SUN the giver of life. That he is more than a number, or a commodity that is governed by a corrupt and unscrupulous monetary system and he will realize his true potential has in fact laid dormant, in the world that we inhabit today. A world that is a man-made illusion, designed with a bottom line in sight. We allowed it. History allowed it.

My Bible. Enslaves fools. Enlightens the wise.

People are nothing more than a commercial commodity buying and selling in a world governed by commerce that is heading for one a ONE world order, where knowledge is concealed from the many by the few. A few will stop at NOTHING to keep it that way. A world where God is shopping, downloading and watching product placements that tell you how to โ€˜LIVEโ€™ and happiness is shopping for โ€˜stuffโ€™ that is built to last 12 months. A world where human lives are judged by material wealth, and their aspirations are teased and tinkered with on every level.

Everything is so shiny and clever, so digital and amazing these days. Yet we are collectively brainwashed and half-awake. We could be more proactive and take god damn ownership of the world and its problemsโ€ฆ but people donโ€™t, because people donโ€™t think. The mediocre is celebrated. Vacuous facile celebrities are to be adored and aspired to, no room for thought and intelligence in their consumerist prison. People are far more interested in who wins a karaoke competition on television.

They are concerned about what fictional characters are doing every day in countless soap operas and when they are not watching them, they โ€˜readโ€™ about them in magazines and want to dress like them, because they have no individual style (some would say their own mind).

All this rather than care for who and what is running the bloody country. They turn a blind eye. They are too busy over eating, shopping and nursing their egos. The monetary system is taking the piss and yet we pick up the bill for their appalling behaviour and shrug our collective shoulders and reach for the remote.

Whereas I might view the television, papers and media with suspicion, I know a great many people that take it all in as the truth. I am always thinking โ€˜who benefitsโ€™ from this line of reporting, this event, this movement, this leak. I have an open and questioning mind, I eat well and exercise and to an extent, I donโ€™t really play the game. Sometimes you have to go through the rabbit hole and the world makes much more sense. Just know that not everything in life is to be taken literally. That what we are spoon fed from birth might overlap and conceal another truth.

Astrology can really help if you know where to look. I am not talking about the horoscopes some empty headed person placed in a daily publication, I am not talking mystic fucking Meg and premium telephone numbers from Shelley Von Strinckel, I am talking The Holy Science. The ancient art of astrology is a beautiful science and I appreciate it all the more because I know who I am, I am the seed of stars. YOU are.

Meditate on truth and find something that you believe in and make it work for YOU. Turn the television off and read a book. Start each day listening to Bowie, not the breakfast news so they can start you off on a negative footing. Do something kind to a stranger, or to yourself, at least once a day. Nod to the Sun and thank it for life, breath in the air and know that you are a positive and loving being, experiencing himself subjectively. Know that we are all one of the same and that there is nothing to fear. No big bad judgement, no sin. Neither Devil nor God exists, just the beauty and the science of being alive on this planet, the science and religion of Nature, of LOVE and its endless cycles of life, death and rebirth. THAT is God.

Alternately  – Continue trying to convince the world that you are happy by instagraming your shopping bags, apple products and restaurant meals and donโ€™t forget to set your box to record all of those vacuous shows that you cannot miss. After all, it has all been DESIGNED with YOU in mind.


  1. ‘Nod to the Sun and thank it for life, breath in the air and know that you are a positive and loving being, experiencing himself subjectively. Know that we are all one of the same and that there is nothing to fear. No big bad judgement, no sin.’ Love this!

    โ€œIf I had to choose a religion, the sun as the universal giver of life would be my god.โ€
    [Napoleon Bonaparte]

  2. An interesting look through the window of your beliefs. Thanks.

    I’ve enjoyed studying religion and belief systems much of my adult life, perhaps as it seems you have, to find myself in there. Somewhere. I haven’t yet.. Or maybe I have. Maybe I always knew who I was and what I believed and was simply looking for some agreement.

    I’ve often felt the thread running through everything and everyone. Beyond Quarks and their strangeness and charm, to a level we have yet to discover, we are all one.

    1. This blog kind of hints at what I suspect with my mind and feel in my heart… Yet we can never truly know. That is why faith can be so strong in people… You have to have faith in what you believe and what I have written seems the most logical to me. Thank you or reading Chris. Most people do no want to look at this kind of thing… I’m happy that you feel similar to me, we should chat more!! The fact that you are knowing and inquisitive… means you are connected. If only they taught this when we were in school.. ha, we would have been a right pair.

      1. We should ๐Ÿ™‚ It seems were both existential thinkers. You are though, I’d have to say, more eloquent than I.

        Perhaps this is to do with the stars, we are as I recall both Aries and certainly both Horses. Our Vibrations may well be very close!

  3. This is such an eloquent expression of how I too believe we are all connected. It’s true, we are all the seeds of stars. I believe that we all feel it but not many can put words to the feeling. The explanation is so insightful it’s breathtaking.

    I really hope that others happen upon this article and really give it some thought.

    This connection has been there and withstands the test of time we just fail to put in the “work” it takes to really delve deep and process this.

    Is this thinking controversial? Absolutely. Some of the best things are.

    Thank you for this wonderful article.

  4. You actually make it seem so easy along with your presentation but I to find this matter to be really something which I believe I would by no means understand. It sort of feels too complicated and extremely extensive for me. I’m having a look ahead in your subsequent put up, I’ll attempt to get the hang of it!

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