The Iconic: Grace Jones


There’s only one May Day! The supermodel, singer, songwriter, record producer, memoir writer and actress, Grace Jones, is a living legend. Never in my wildest, when I lived in Blackpool and hung on every word of the infamous stories about how she devoured the gay scene there (when I was still in nappies) – never in my wildest did I think that one day I would hang out with Miss Grace Jones myself – but here we are and what a thrill! I will remember forever, the kindness she showed to me, and I thank her with a devoted heart, for letting me look after her bag, and for being one of the greatest inspirations in fearless integrity and individuality – and for all the dancing, mischief making and drinking up a storm.

Grace Jones and David V Barron

Ha. Nobody calls time on Grace Jones.

To have but an ounce of her charisma. Sigh.

I recommend her book, I’ll Never Write My Memoirs.

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