Marionette King (A Concept)

I came into possession of a Canon EOS-1D Mark when asked to create a ‘mood board’ for a friend’s track whilst testing my own creative limits. Most of my mood boards will never see the light of day as there is something embarrassingly raw and personal about how we create – that our processes ought to remain private. However, having taken a piece of music given to me to interpret by Daphne, I played around under no pressure, and I am rather proud of how it turned out if not chosen in the end.

I made segments where the ‘King of the Marionettes’ wielded his power, status and symbolism over his spellbound and unquestioning puppets – I know, quelle surprise! I just needed a beefcake to practice on – such is my want – and time was very kindly offered by my pal, professional bodybuilder, Daniel Burke.

At 6’3’’ with built up frame, Daniel was just perfect to cast as a King. I mean what a boy. I love his calm and clean energy on set and aside from this shoot, I managed to get some very nice, generic shots and I also filmed a fitness video for him, among other more artistic content and he reminded me so much of my very own Marc Singer that it birthed another idea.

So this mood board ticked working with an all bells and whistles camera off my list – but here I found out, just how technically limited I was. I say that kindly. The footage was filmed against green screen which was a bad choice, I haven’t mastered that at all… but I did enjoy the process and that is quite the point of the journey – to grow, learn and evolve, to always know how to pick up ideas and move forward with the confidence that if ones own muse can at times muse back, then isn’t that the joy and preserve of true artists?

The Marionette King

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