A Letter to Whomever…

Over the past couple of years, I have struggled with the complications, misunderstandings, and altercations that an online presence can manifest into our physical lives. How other people’s issues can seep into our consciousness, and into the reflections of our thoughts. If you’re familiar with the expression ‘Never complain, never


 I collaborated with a musician friend, R.M Isaiah, and created this audio-visual meditation on the forces that drive our creativity. I am so grateful, his talent is deep and true and that he entrusted me with so much of his music and allowed me to paint my pictures – has


There are rare occasions in life that arrive and make us feel truly suspended in the moment, awestruck with excitement, elation or joy – from weddings, milestone birthdays, to the perfect Christmas morning, or a once in a lifetime trip to foreign climes … but for me, one such occasion

GONE BEYOND (Music Video)

‘They say, beware of a man’s shadow and a bee’s sting… That life cannot vanish without reaching the destiny of fate, and two may become enemies… when their ideas are the same…. Beware he, who has gone beyond, to his God Within’ Track ‘Gone Beyond‘ written and performed by RM


I flew to fabulous Milan to meet up with two very private, but extra special friends, The @Giano Sisters. Both of whom have supported, nurtured and encouraged my creativity from its very basic and humble start. As ever, I took my long suffering other half (not really) along for the trip… and

PARALLAX (Documentary)

A personal documentary film, set in three parts, that uses outtakes, archive footage and a spoken narrative – to profile a lifelong relationship with the camera and convey my thoughts and feelings on why I am disengaging from a career in photography, to stick a metaphorical flag into the sand at this waypoint

B R O K E N (Music Video)

This is a self portrait of a severe melancholia and is a segment from a documentary film that I have been making about the light and shade of creativity and in particular, my personal arch of progression. Music: ‘BROKEN FINGERS’ From the album KING NINE By Blueneck Endless thanks to the brilliant

L O V E R (Music Video)

L o ‘V’ e r Sitting here staring at a blank page, I do feel quite justified in allowing my mind to drift. To daydream about the past. About popular culture in the 1980’s, and about my childhood. Because writing this entry for a project I have just completed, means so very


When you slump, feel beaten down, or have hit a wall and need more vibrancy and vitality in your experiences – contemplate upon the power of the Peacock. The Peacock can help renew your vision when your spiritual path has become clouded, distracted and you’ve found yourself faking a happiness –

Marionette King : A Concept

I was very excited to come into possession of a Canon EOS-1D Mark IV. It is a toy that I did not imagine would ever come my way… but as I progress, learn and evolve as an artist; I know that I am going to have to push myself harder, and


“Thats why I love music, its because you can connect with people on a very real level. Rather than it being about either money, class, race, religion or anything else… It is the last leveller of society” – Daphne Guinness DAPHNE GUINNESS | The Last Leveller from D A V

THE LIGHT: AFTERLife (Documentary)

“This is an absolutely amazing piece. Very powerful. Absolutely beautiful. I’m very proud to be a part of it and I wish you much success.” – Di Bauer http://www.andromedarecordingsgroup.com/ “Your film has a very captivating atmosphere. I am very proud that you have chosen my music to tell this story. very

Fashion GALORE

It was a crisp autumn evening in London as our car arrived at the neoclassical grandeur of Somerset House. I had been invited by my friend, The Hon Daphne Guinness, to chaperone her on this most important of days, Tuesday November 19th 2013, when her dear and greatly missed friend,

Jay: Fitness Professional

Jay Harrison, a fitness professional with an enviably toned and sculpted body, which takes an enormous amount of willpower, dedication and nutritional planning to maintain, (I believe the word on the street is ‘shredded’) was one of my very first subjects and we have worked together on a number of

Natasha Hamilton : Singer / Actress

I was just revamping my blog and I realised that I hadn’t shared my favourite set of images from my shoot earlier in the year with singer and actress, Natasha Hamilton. She is a delightfully personable lady with a huge character and I wanted to create something completely different for

Fabian Perez : Artist

Fabian Perez, born in Buenos Aires, resides in Los Angeles and is widely admired for his paintings of exotic and sensual scenes and portraits. In 2009 Perez was named the official artist of the 10th annual Latin Grammy Awards and the figurative artwork of Fabian Perez captures personal memories of

A Photographic Retrospective

Using some of my favourite images and video footage, I have created a retrospective film because I feel it is important to document my progression as a photographer and it has been both a cathartic process and a valuable learning curve. Click on the images below to view my video…

The Resurrection (Music Video)

“Tell us of Pain.” And he said: Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. Even as the stone of the fruit must break, that its heart may stand in the sun, so must you know pain. And could you keep your heart in wonder at

I AM…. Swan

Actress and singer Natasha Hamilton. photographed by David V Barron

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