Return of the Orbs

“Knowing that darkness can only disappear when light is shined into it, I release my truth into the open. This is the story of what I have overcome, and how I survived a Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.” – David V Barron

Dame Joan Collins (Event)

There isn’t a line from Alexis that I cannot quote, no mannerism or nuance that I cannot mimic and it shielded me from bullies – but I won’t bore you with all of that because I am a grown man now, that was an age ago, and as Percy said, tongue firmly in cheek, β€˜Telling Joan just how young you were when you first started watching Dynasty is just plain rude’ – to rapturous laughter from everyone.

Jane Badler (Music Video)

β€œI have been so lucky to work with David on the music video, LOVER. His passion was incredible and I have been so impressed by him, with his work ethic, and with his love of the project.”
Jane Badler AKA Diana (1980s ‘V’ series)

Marionette King (A Concept)

This mood board ticked working with an all bells and whistles camera off my list but I found out just how technically limited I was. I say that kindly as I did enjoy the process and that is quite the point of the journey – to grow, learn and evolve.

Daphne Guinness: The Last Leveller (Blog & Film)

Elation and despair, it was true, where the pendulum swings of my days and nights and I thanked the lord for the Y.M.C.A and the freedoms it now gave me to follow my heart to the Emerald Isle. It was sealed. I was going – and as I looked around the vast warehouse, half-makeshift photography studio and half charity shop – I was almost afraid of leaving what I had created here.

AFTERLIFE: Signs for his Grandson (Blog & Film)

A sharp nosedive into catacombs parted us with a deathbed vow in which he swore and screamed, as he clutched my arm – that if there were such a thing as life after death, then he would come back to let me know all and everything. He was certain of it, and he made clear his desperation for the welfare of my soul, in premonitions, warnings and signs.

Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore (Event)

Head to toe in swathes of immaculate flesh-tight black that cascaded into a delicate train behind her, The Hon. Daphne Guinness effortlessly glided over to me in her gravity defying heel-less shoes with a lightness of grace I had never quite witnessed in another human being.

Harrison Fitness (Photography)

Jamie Harrison, a fitness professional with an enviably toned and sculpted body, which takes an enormous amount of willpower, dedication and nutritional planning to maintain, (I believe the word on the street is β€˜shredded’) was one of my first subjects, and we have worked together on a number of occasions.

The Iconic: Grace Jones

Never in my wildest, when I lived in Blackpool and hung on every word of the infamous stories about how she devoured the gay scene there – never in my wildest did I think that one day I would hang out with Miss Grace Jones myself – but here we are and what a thrill.

Autodidactic Projects

Numerous pages of chosen projects that tested my creativity, reach and ability – with varying degrees of success, much soul searching and processing of demons, with trust in the subconscious, that ART will guide our way back to light.

Natasha Hamilton: An Atomic Kitten

ActressΒ and singerΒ NatashaΒ Hamilton. photographed by me. Make-up Art by the wonderful, Armand Beasley. Hair Styling, Jo Ferns Hair and Beauty Emporium. Styling and couture by, Nadine Merabi with accessories by Stella Dot and Nikki Collinson.

The Seeds of Stars: Thoughts On Existence

Autumn in England is a wonderful transition. Our bodies, our senses and our innate awareness of the movements of the stars know that the time has come, to enter into the underworld. The Sun is heading farther away from Earth and so the Earth bleeds its autumnal colors in a cycle of life and death, which is played out in this beautiful and magnificent season change.